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Monday, September 19, 2016

Albany Holiday - Day 3

Good morning Day 3! 

Love the beautiful morning view

Just finished breakfast

View of Lake Vancouver 

Packed our lunch and we went to the nearby Whale World.

Shell Exhibit @ Whale World 

Whale Skeleton
45 minute guided tour included in admission ticket

Fully Restored Whale Chaser - Cheynes IV
We had a good time exploring this boat. Never seen such a complete set-up before

Aye, Aye Little Captains! 

Captain Papa! 

Little Captains 

Exploring Boat Interior 

Had our packed lunch, then went to the small Wildlife Park and Botanical Gardens, included in our combo tickets.

With Mocca the Kangaroo 

Erin just loves animals! 

White Kangaroo 

Sleepy Koala 


@ Botanical Gardens
Uhm.... wrong season.  Hardly a flower in sight! 

Enjoying the walk 

Went back to Whale World for Coffee at the the cafe

Enjoyed the boat so much - went for a second visit  :-) 

Final photo before leaving Whale World 

That's about it for Day 3. We went on a slow pace for this trip since poor mum's leg was giving her problems. Imagine just one week before the trip, she could hardly walk to the bathroom at home! Luckily recovered enough to still come along :-)

After Whale World, we explored Albany town a little, did some grocery shopping, went back to cook dinner and then just relaxed..

--End of Day 3 --

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