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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Albany Holiday - Day 2

Good Morning Day 2!

Had our breakfast, packed our lunch and off we went to venture...

First stop of the day - The Gap 

Didn't manage to take a decent photo, so here's one from the Albany website : there's now a platform for better viewing. Hubby is scared of heights so he's legs were wobbly when he was standing on the ledge!

It started to rain when we walking towards The Bridge so we quickly hopped into the car instead. Next stop : Fisherman's Bay.  Luckily it stopped raining.  Just a small bay but we ended up spending almost 1.5 hours there, just chilling.

Erin LOVED the water!

Elyssa took a while to warm up but joined her sister after that

The girls enjoyed it when the gentle waves touched their feet 

Papa and Hubby chatting away. 
Gloomy overcast skies.  We left when it started to rain (again)

Next stop - Emu Point Beach 

Had our packed sandwiches here 

Chasing Seagulls

Went for Coffee and Hot Chocolate at a nearby Cafe 

Playground Fun with Ah Kong 

On our way back, we went back to The Bridge again. Such an amazing natural formation!

Proper Dinner on Second Night-

Baked Chicken Wings, Vege Soup boiled with Pork Bones, Fried Egg and Rice
Ahh....nice warm comfort food on a cold day  

Slow relaxing holiday pace  :-)
--End of Day 2--

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