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Monday, September 19, 2016

Albany Holiday - Day 4

Good morning Day 4!

Couldn't resist snapping this photo.  Papa said he found a nice place to warm his bum. Hahaha! 

Road trip to Denmark today.

Trail nearing the beach 

Shelley Beach 

Lots of seashells at this beach! 

Girls with grandparents 

Lookout Point near Shelly Beach
Just Beautiful! 

Family Photo 

We saw a Paraglider at the Lookout Point
Omg..... super scary!  I'll never dare to do this.  Such a windy day too. 

Up, up, up into the sky! 

Planned to have lunch outside today, so we didn't pack our usual sandwiches. Spotted a nice place for a bite..

Boston Brewery 

Nice cosy place 

Fireplace in the middle 

Food was good! 

Empty plates and Satisfied Bellies! 

@ Green Pool, Denmark 

Such calm waters, sheltered from the Great Southern Ocean by rock boulders.

Ice-Cream & Honey @ Bartholomews Meadery 
Funny pose by Erin  :-) 

4 of us 

Headed back after that -
Day 4 Dinner 

--End of Day 4 --

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Stacy said...

LOL at Papa's bum-warming place.