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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Albany Holiday - Day 1

Just got back from our week long holiday in Albany, Australia.  Yup, Australia again.  Our 4th time in 4 years, of which 3 in Western Australia. People keep asking us..... not boring meh?  why keep going to the same place? Isn't one week too long?

Well, 4th trip and still loving it! Still new things to see and experience! Bags still not fully unpacked yet (arrived home barely 6 hours ago) but I just can't wait to start my day-by-day account of the holiday.  Let's see how long I take.  heh.

Day 1
Hubby did the flight bookings this time.  Malindo Air departing on Friday evening 6.50pm.  Not great timing at all..... cos this means we arrive Perth Airport around midnight and it's still a 4.5 hour journey to Albany.  Aiks!
Hubs, my parents and the kids took a cab to the airport from home. Frantic day for me at the office and at 3pm, I was still rushing through my last meeting. Caught the 4pm KLIA express and met them at the airport. Whooo hoooo..... holiday started!

Journey to Albany:
Our original plan was to head to Albany as soon as we collect our rented car, around 1.30am. But Jess (owner of the accomodation we booked via AirBnB) advised us to stay put at the airport until about 6am as it isn't so safe to drive when it's still dark.  Hubs suggested to wait-out at a nearby 24 hour McDonalds instead. Oops... turned out 24 hours meant 24 hours for drive tru only, not for the restaurant area.  So tried to sleep in the car. After tossing and turning in the car he decided to just go ahead with the drive.

Uhmm...... turned out to be a bad idea. After about 30 minutes, we realised the advice to stay put was a good one. It was a dark lonely road to Albany - no stops at the side, hardly any cars, risk of kangaroos jumping into the middle of the road, misty due to light rain and we were tired after a full day and a 5 hour flight. My eyes were droopy and I had to practically pinch myself to keep hubs company while he was driving. Waze showed some "rest areas" but turned out be empty single parking bays by the side of the pitch dark road.

About an hour later (felt so much longer!) was so relieved when we finally spotted a petrol station. Used the washroom and then slept in the car until sunrise around 6+am.  Phew, looking back, it was dangerous!!

All ok again after the much needed nap and of course driving in daylight!  Stopped by Coles for groceries then headed to our holiday home for the week.

"Between Tides" booked via AirBnB
More photos later

After a simple lunch and another nap, we explored the attractions nearby.

First Family Photo!  @ Misery Beach
Why such a sad name for lovely beach?

Elyssa & I

@ Salmon Holes 

First Night Dinner - 
Instant Noodles, Sausages, Roast Chic (store bought), Strawberries, Wine and Orange Juice 

Chilling after dinner

It's more fun to snuggle up together! 

-End of Day 1-


Stacy said...

Haiyo next time don't plan to arrive at midnight la. Some more with the kids in tow.

Adrine said...

Won't happen if I plan! ;-)
So busy these days that Johnny did almost all the planning and booking. Already grateful for that so better not complain too much. hehe.