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Monday, December 30, 2013

Tupperware Craze

My sis and I went through a Tupperware craze a few months ago.

It pretty much started from a Tupperware shoot at my home. (someone posted in our neighbourhood FB forum that they needed a location urgently. Hubby responded and the shoot was done 2 days later)

Photo Shoot
It was certainly interesting to watch! There were the people from the shooting company, the production company, 2 child models and mum & grandma of the 2 models. And then there were all the camera equipment in the house. And of course the Tupperwares. (loads and loads of em!). 

Cute child models (Sis and bro team)

After the photoshoot, my sis and I talked about Tupperwares and then she mentioned an online site where she saw a sale.  We spent the whole weekend agonizing about what to get, in what size (which involved us pouring water into different containers to see how big is 800ml, 250ml etc) , how many units, what shape etc etc  ;-)
Part of my loot

Another part of my loot (bought later using my colleague's member card)
I love these modular mates in my kitchen cupboard. All used up by now.

 And here's more
Hey, they make good toys too! Here's Elyssa practicing her balancing skills.

I've got quite a few more not in the photos above.  Tupperware shopping can be very addictive!
My collection is way, way less than my sis tho.  Hers is probably double or triple mine. Hehe.  Come to think of it, I should reword my first sentence.  I went through a Tupperware phase (partially cos I was running out of storage space), but she's still happily going through it.   :-)  


Unknown said...

Haha... Tupperware still hot eh? Got a T as a Christmas gift too... and still many new unopened T containers in my cupboard which I never used. Cannot understand why why why... haha.

Stacy said...

It'd be a while before I run out of storage space! TRYING to control the addiction heh.