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Monday, December 30, 2013

Penang Holiday (Part 2)

This is a wayyyy backdated post, which I wrote part of it more than 2 months ago here. Well, it's one of those better late than never post.  ;-)

We stayed 3 nights at Hard Rock Hotel. Supposedly a family holiday but it turned out to be hubby's work trip. Plus point - we got to stay 2 nights for free. Minus point - I had to take 2 days of my precious annual leave at the very last moment. Grrrr!

Photos -

We got a nice room overlooking the kids play pool

Super excited to go to the pool

Watching the band at night
They were very good!

Pool time again, when daddy went to work the next morning

Colouring in the Play Room

No post about a Penang holiday is complete with at least some food photos.  So here's two  :-)
Yummy Indian Curry @ Little India

Assam Pedas @ Nyonya Breeze

And erhm..... that's all about the Penang trip!  (That's the problem about posting so late. Can't remember already. keke)

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