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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Uggh Uggh Uggh

Little Miss Uggh Uggh Uggh
"What's the problem, folks??  Life is a lot simpler when it's mono-syllabic! ;-)
Erin is a pretty late talker. At 1 year, 7 months old, her main form of communciation is still "Uggh Uggh Ugg".  Luckily, she can say  "Up Down".  That's about the only thing she can say clearly.  (in the correct context and usually with a big smile!). 
And a few more unclear words :  "Duck",   "Ish" (for fish),  "Ma/ Mah"  (but not in the context of food or calling anyone).
She just doesn't seem to be interested in talking. When I tell her, "say Mah Mee", she happily points to me and says "Ughh Ughh", proud that she knows who "Mah Mee" is.  So I tried with "say Dah dee" instead.  Then she says "Ughh Ughh" and points to whichever direction she thinks daddy is.  Oops!  
My dad has also been dilligently trying to get her to repeat words after him daily. No success yet.  She mainly goes "Uggh Uggh Uggh" and points to whatever object she is referring to or pulls our hand to wherever she wants to go.  
Ah well..... at least she can say "Up Down" clearly so I am not particularly worried.  I like the way hubby puts it though - the longer Erin takes to talk, the longer she is still officially our little baby.  Awwww !!!  :-)


Chinneeq said...

no worry, once she talks, she will talk non stop!

Miracles in my life said...

Don't worry N is a late talker too..I asked his peaditrician and she says is ok. I was talking to a nurse and she said her son jabber and just suddenly talk after 3. In a way I wish n will talk sometimes but sometimes I am thankful I don't need to answer all his questions! Already now everyday he points at stuff and ask what's that! Over and over again!so I can imagine once he starts talking!

MeRy said...

Not to worry so much..she sure can talk soon...

Stacy said...

Oo love the pic!

Unknown said...

My William was a late talker too, but see how much he's talking now... guess Erin is the total opposite of Elyssa so that's suppose to be a good thing, else you have two kids talking non stop? Hehehe... gong xi gong xi!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Yup don't you worry. When Erin can talk and talk and answer you back, you'll tell her to shut up lol! Happy CNY!

Small Kucing said...

ya no son was a late talker he talks non stop...*pengsan*

Gong Xi Fatt Chai