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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013

I was initially thinking of skipping a post on CNY 2013 since I didn't take many photos. But finally decided to just post whatever I have  :)
Note to self  :   1) Take more photos next time   2) Take photos of Elyssa & Erin with their angpows or some other things that signify CNY.
So, a quick rundown of CNY 2013:  
BBQ with my in-laws at our home the day before CNY eve
Yummy garlic prawns!
CNY eve lunch at my MIL's place
Totally didn't take a single photo. Aiks.
CNY eve dinner at my parents place
Lou-Sang time!!
Kids enjoying my mum's homemade yee sang.(err... actually in Elyssa's case, she only liked the biscuits in the yee sang)  

Went "kai-kai" in shopping mall a few times
I still get the warm fuzzy feeling when I see the girls walking hand-in-hand like that.  
I cooked a meal for lunch with some friends
No big deal for some, but for me, it WAS!  First time I cooked a proper sit-down meal like that. Pretty happy and proud of myself. Haha. 
Brought both girls to the playground 2 days in a row
Made a few half-hearted attempts to take photos of 2 smiling girls
I gave up! Erin was trying to push jie jie away in the photo.
Went for neighbourhood CNY celebration
I knew they were going to distribute angpows but I expected RM2 in each. Was pleasantly surprised there was RM5 inside. Yay!! Our family unit pocketed 4 angpows - 2 each for the kids, 1 for me (for wearing red) and 1 for hubby (who blur-blur went to take although he didn't qualify for the categories announced for the leftover angpows - senior citizens, white hair and those wearing red). He he he.. 
So free food, free performance and RM20. Not bad!   
Gong Xi Fa Cai 2013!


Stacy said...

Your sit-down lunch looks good! A GREEN veg would be better for visual contrast though. :p

Aww nice pic of your girls hand-in-hand... now I'm looking forward to when mine can walk hand-in-hand too!

Adrine said...

Chi2 - going point about the green vege part!

MeRy said...

You can cook so well....

Mommy to Chumsy said...

what a lovely cny celebration. you didn't balik kampung?