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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Monday Night Homework - Party Packs

My homework last night (Mon) was to pack Elyssa's party packs for her kindy's birthday celebration. Delayed celebration cos the kindy was closed for 1.5 weeks due to HFMD. I was sooooo dissappointed when I heard the news! Already submitted my leave for that day too. :( But what to do, life goes on.

Anyway, back to my party packs. First time doing it!

My messy work area on the floor

Party Pack Items
1. Angry Bird Stationery Set or Angry Bird Glitter Pen Set of 8 (assorted colours)
2. Winnie the Pooh notebook (assorted colours)
3. Some sweets as a filler.

The Completed Party Pack
I got clear plastic bags from Daiso. Tied it up with a ribbon then pasted Hello Kitty tags on top.
I think the tags made a big difference to the overall result! Did those in 15mins during my office lunch time :)
That morning, I also called up Elyssa's kindy to confirm the no. of students in her class. Decided to get their names as well, so that I could personalise the tags. (so that girls get red/yellow sets, while boys get blue/yellow sets)

3 packs down.....14 more to go. Started to get tired already. Aiyo.
Elyssa insisted on arranging the sweets

More Arrangement
She nearly drove me nuts cos she was YAKKING non-stop throughout the session.


Put into basket. Done. Phew!

I think I spent almost 2 hours - with Elyssa yakking away throughout. Had to stop a few times to carry & comfort Erin cos she started fretting. More stressful than anticipated! I nearly stopped at pack no 10, but luckily Erin was ok for a while so I hurriedly finished it all.

And yes, I was happy with the outcome!

So, that was Monday night's homework. Homework for today was to bake her chocolate cake and her vanilla cupcakes (done).
Tomorrow morning's homework is to make the frosting and frost the cakes. If I have time, it will be chocolate frosting for the cake and pink colour frosting for the cupcakes. If not, it will be chocolate frosting for both.

I have absolutely no idea why I "sendiri cari pasal" for Elyssa's birthday this year!! ;-)


Kristie said...

wow! lovely party packs... nice to make them personalised for each kiddo too :-) sweet of u.

Happy baking and looking forward to your masterpiece! :-)

Cynful Pleasure said...

Guess that's every mummy's first time to 'cari pasal' right... I done mine in Feb and now thinking for the next year if I should still insist doing it...

Bravo mummy... nice party packs!

Unknown said...

I love your goddie packs! this year her theme is hello kitty...goodie bag hello kitty and also her birthday cake! way to go Adrine.

Stacy said...

Haiyo so much work one. Some more got pen/notebook (getting worried in advance for when Jo Ern enters kindy!).

Results look very good. :)

Caterina said...

Justin's party pack for the last few years was just simple things stuff into those nice printed plastic bag n don't even bother to tie or have their names on it. Too troublesome. N I never offer to bake him his birthday coz I know it will be hectic n result may not be nice. Mummy is trying to escape the hassle. Haha... Oh wait, I think I did offer to bake his birthday cake for this years party at home but he wanted the store bought one, cause it's prettier. So I rest my case. Be prepared, next year Elyssa might ask for the same again or in Justin's case he got bored coz no present from friends (I think)

MeRy said...

very nice party packs....

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Well done on the party packs! They look great and I am sure there were many happy faces that day.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

No lah, you did not cari pasal mah..
The kids surely enjoy Elyssa's Birthday alot with the party pack and cake you prep for them.