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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Elyssa's Fourth Birthday Celebration

Elyssa is now FOUR years old!

Similar to her previous birthdays, we had a birthday dinner celebration for her together with our immediate family members. (but upgraded from 2 tables to 3 tables, since we have more pax now - more babies and more maids )

Similarly, we ordered too much food and totally forgot to take a single photo of the food.
Oops...... only remembered to take out the camera after eating. *burp*

So, here are some photos from the birthday song/cake cutting session -

Singing "Happy Birthday" to the birthday girl

Her "Special"Birthday Cake and Cupcakes
Why "special"? Cos I baked 'em!
That morning, Elyssa told me "mummy, I am sooo happy because you make my birthday cake".
Yay! that made all my effort worth it even tho the end result was no where as nice as a store bought cake :)

Blowing her FOUR candles

Our family unit

Cutting the birthday cake

Inside of the cake

Errr....a bit too fudgy. Maybe not enough baking powder? But passable for a newbie la! First time I frosted a cake.

Most important thing is that Elyssa enjoyed it!
Loved her chocolate mustache. he he.

2 other photos taken that night (totally forgot to take full family photo. duh)-

Ah Kong entertaining his grandkids

Elyssa receiving angpow from her Ku Jie

When we went home, Elyssa couldn't wait to open up and play with her presents -

Erin was very happy too! Happily playing with the packaging materials from jie jie's presents :)

Happy Birthday my Princess Elyssa!
For the past 3 years, on every birthday, I used to think "Oh, you are so big already". This time, it was different. I was thinking "Actually, you are still so small. Only 4 years old. Still a little girl". I'm sorry, Elyssa. Ever since baby Erin came along, I tend to think of you as a jie jie. And that you should behave like one. And I do get upset when you don't.
So, I told myself that night that I need to re-calibrate my expectations. And that you will always, always have a special place in my heart as my first born. And how I never knew I could love someone so much, until I had you. You literally changed my life for the better, on that Saturday morning 4 years ago. Happy Birthday, my princess.


Merryn said...

Happy birthday Elyssa. She's growing so beautiful each day :)

Miracles in my life said...

Happy birthday beautiful Elyssa!! growing up to be such a fine lady.

Looks like mummy did a wonderful job on the cake! How did u get or make the princess pictures? I'm still scratching my head and getting ideas for n's birthday cake. Lol

MeRy said...

Happy B'day to Elyssa.

LittleLamb said...

Happy Birthday to Elyssa. and good job on the mom for baking....LOVE LOVE LOVE

Unknown said...

Wow, for a newbie your cake looks reasonably professional, and sellable! Great job! It's filled with lotsa TLC! Happy Birthday to Elyssa... in a couple of weeks time it will be William's turn... April is indeed a month of birthdays.

Stacy said...

Aww the last part is so beautifully-written, I had to stop halfway and come back to it later lest my colleagues noticed the tears in my eyes! Eh you sure Johnny is happy with the bit about not loving until Elyssa came? ;)

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Happy Belated Birthday Princess Elyssa. She looks beautiful in her sweet dress.

Family First said...

Isnt it a great feeling - baking your own cake for your kids! Thats how it all started for me ... ever since I had bryan, i have learnt to bake and i love it!

ChloeRuoyi said...

Happy Birthday Elyssa!

The above was typed by Chloe (with my guidance), who "kaypoh" wanted to wish Elyssa after seeing the attractive birthday cake hehe :) The cake is very professionally done. Nice!

Mummy Gwen said...

Happy 4th Birthday To Sweet Elyssa! Your cake looks like store brought...bravo Mummy, good job.

Oliveoylz said...

That's a very nice Princess birthday cake baked with lots of TLC! Thumbs up!

Happy birthday Princess Elyssa! May you be blessed with lots of happiness:)

Kristie said...

Great job babe! All the baking practices paid off ya ;-)

That's a lovely cake and yes, most importantly your darling elyssa is the happiest!

Unknown said...

Hey you baked her a birthday cake? I'm impressed. Since when you and me has started the baking mojo huh? Anyway Good job and keep it up! Love the chocolate fudge cake and the decorating...very nice and neat

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Elyssa!
So Adrine, you baked her birthday cake! I thought you bought them somewhere! Congrats on you & Elyssa's dream come true~~~. I could feel your love to her in every part of your words!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

The cake was nicely done. Good job my dear!

Elyssa is more and more looks alike mommy:-)