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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Family Trip to Tanjung Sepat

Last weekend, we finally went for a short family trip to Tanjung Sepat (2D, 1N)
"Finally" cos we talked about this since my first time there in November last year. Getting a common date where all four sub-units in my family are available for the entire weekend is just not easy! Gosh....... almost 8 months!!

Even then, there were last minute glitches when the two babies in the family fell sick. But on the morning itself (after calling off the trip the evening before) we decided to just carry on with the trip, minus 3 family members.

We stayed in the same bungalow, and pretty much visited the same places - mushroom farm, "pao" shop, longan farm, Lover's bridge etc. Added 3 new places tho - chips factory, birds nest place and dragon fruit farm.

It was nice to spend family time together and I especially loved seeing Elyssa and cousin Justin enjoying each other's company :)

Walking hand-in-hand after lunch

Watching sunset together

So sweet hor??? They were mostly good buddies throughout the holiday but as usual, they had their little disagreements as well. Ha hah.... on Sunday morning, they fought over which dvd to watch (Elyssa wanted Dora, Justin wanted Cars) and they both ended up with sour faces and on separate ends of the sofa!!! I should have taken a photo of them ;)

Didn't really take many photos this trip (since already taken the last time) -

Daddy with Elyssa on the lovers bridge

Birds nest place
Bought 2 bottles of premium instant birds nest (RM138) which came with a free gift of 4 small bottles of instant birds nest with rock sugar. First time taking and hopefully baby will have smooth and fair skin :)

Chips factory
Really cheap, especially for chips in bigger packs. The trolley-load of goodies below is JUST my sister's portion!

An enjoyable family holiday, but looking at how long it takes to plan things, it will probably be another year before we finally go on another holiday together :)


Mommy to Chumsy said...

ahh...another holiday? you guys really know how to enjoy life :)

Adrine said...

Barbara - and we still have two more breaks planned out before I deliver next month ;) Must fully enjoy before the trio of new baby, new maid, new job comes! Ha ha.

Unknown said...

Agree with Mummy to Chumsy... you guys go for so many hols before bb arrive... hahaha, was this part of your nego with hubby?

Stacy said...

I should have bought more chips... :p My colleagues loved them and bro asked why didn't buy for him.

Nice pics of Justin and Elyssa esp with both sporting purple backpacks.

Mummy Gwen said... should enjoy fully before the baby arrives. :)

Anonymous said...

yeah..must enjoy to max, go go for it :)

Alice Law said...

Hand in hands with cousie, watching sun set some more... how sweet!!!