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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Short Holiday - Tg Sepat & Bagan Lalang (Day 2)

On Day 2, we had a late breakfast then we went to collect our reservation of 18 precious paos!!

The Handmade Paos

I wasn't expecting too much from the paos (I usually get disappointed with hyped-up stuff) but I ended up just loving the "sang yuk pao". The combination of the yummy pork filling and the fluffy pao was just excellent. I think it was the best pao I ever had! I regretted not buying more the next day to bring home. We tried the "mui choy", peanut and 'choy' paos too, but those were so-so only. They had the same fluffy pao texture, but to me the filing is just as important.

Oh, and after the pao shop, we went again to the coffee shop next door to stock up on more coffee. Yup, we tried making the coffee ourselves in the house and it tasted just as good as the samples given out (he hee.... must test cos sometimes samples taste so much better. Like how I can never make a cup of Milo as good as those given out from the Milo vans!)

Then we went back to chill out at our homestay house. Best to stay in during the scorching sun period around 1 to 4pm!

Homestay Details
- single storey bungalow with 3 bedrooms
- simple but clean furnishings
- all bedrooms and living room fully air-conditioned
- bedroom 1 & 2 : queen bed + 1 double decker bed ; bedroom 3 : queen bed + single bed
- plenty of blankets and pillows provided (but no towels)
- cooking and bbq facilities provided
- my favourite part of the house : the big patio overlooking the big garden overlooking the lake. Lovely!
- market rate : RM400 per night. (we got a huge discount cos it's owned by a friend's friend)
- contact : Doris (phone number : 0126543064. She has double storey units as well)

Photos -

Back view of the house

The lovely patio where we spent many, many hours just chilling out

Simple gazebo in the garden. It was lovely to chat there too!

Plenty of space for Elyssa to run around

View from the gazebo

(ok, I positioned the camera above the not-so-pretty green chain linked fence)

When it wasn't so hot, we went to the Bagan Lalang beach. Enjoyed the simple pleasures of life - flying kites and blowing bubbles! ( ha ha...... the blowing bubbles enjoyment wasn't just restricted to Elyssa)

View of the beach

Elyssa still doesn't like the sand. See how tightly she clung on to daddy!

Happy girl playing with bubbles

Kite flying with friends

After that, we wanted to go over to the Golden Palm Gold Coast Resort to check out the place. The security there was so strict........ we couldn't even even go in to see. Hmmmpphhh!!

We had our seafood dinner at one of the Malay shops nearby. Let's see - Grilled stingray, Tom Yum soup, Crabs in 3 flavoured sauce, Kangkung belacan, Grilled squid, Otak-otak, Grilled fish, fruit juices and rice. Bill was higher than expected.

Best dish of the night - Grilled Fish.
No idea what fish though!

Same routine after dinner - after Elyssa slept, we continued chatting with snacks and wine until the wee hours of the morning. Ok, plus we had a short tarot card reading session. That was a little spooky!

We also realised that it was time to leave the next morning. Gosh, how come time flew by so fast?

-End of Day 2 -


Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh what a lovely trip. didn't know there is so much to do in Tg.Sepat :) so relaxing huh?

LittleLamb said...

I agree with u. I like the green field in front of the patio. I can feel freshness.

Stacy said...

Got BEACH one?? Wahh! All the while I thought Tg Sepat is like Kuala Selangor or Matang in Taiping. Expected a fishing village and smelly fishy air only!

ChloeRuoyi said...

The bungalow looks very new and well-maintained. The Bagan Lalang beach looks so much nicer in your photos. Maybe we went there at the wrong time. It was low-tide so we saw lots of yucky black stuff there (covered by the murky waters at other times).

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Wah I didn't know so many things to eat and do @ Bagan Lalang!! Must jot down in my places to go.

prince n princess mum said...

Nice outings!

Leona said...

I just love hand made Paos.
Have heard so much abt this Tg Sepat Paos. Must drive there la one day.

The home stay is a nice idea for a big group of friends. Good to hear that u had a nice time catching up with friends.

Alice Law said...

Wah, cool~! You managed to find yourself a nice place to stay over! We had the pao too, love its soft, tender and fluffy bun!^-^

Sue said...

Hi Adrine, would you mind emailing me the contact for renting the bungalow? Please email me at low.soolyn[@]

Thanks :)

Jane Lee said...

Thanks for your sharing, appreciated your effort, those are good shots!
Me and my friends are going to this place for a weekend away!