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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baby Sister Conversation

I talk to Elyssa about her baby sister pretty often, and sometimes the conversation can really make me chuckle. Good for me to record them! Here's what happened just now :

Elyssa : Why baby sister still not out yet?
Me : She's not ready yet.

Elyssa : When she's ready, Elyssa pull up your shirt and take baby sister out, ok?
Me : It's not so easy. Need auntie doctor to take out baby sister. *thinking this would be a good time to tell her I need to rest after delivery* - When auntie doctor take out, mummy will be little bit pain pain, you know.

Elyssa : *worried look*. Got blood ah?
Me : *thinking - did I go too far???* Yes, got little bit blood.

Elyssa : *very worried look. then she suddenly smiled* Oh, like last time Elyssa scratch the leg until got little bit blood. Then Saran (bro's maid) help Elyssa to wash out the blood.
Mummy....... when auntie doctor take baby sister out, Elyssa bring Mummy to the bathroom and Elyssa help to wash out the blood. Then no more pain pain loh!!!! Yay !!!
! *big smile*
Me : *speechless for a while*

Elyssa : Elyssa so clever, hor??

Hmmm...... if only child birth recovery is so easy :)


Alice said...

cute conversation :P

Unknown said...

Cute! So great u have another baby gal....I'm so desparate to have a baby gal.

Anonymous said...

cute ler...she`s ready to help u then :)

ChloeRuoyi said...

Hehehe... kids, I just love their innocence :)

Oliveoylz said...

This is a great one to jot down. Elyssa's gonna peel with laughter when she reads this years later! I had a good laugh, myself.

Alice Law said...

LOL, sweet and innocent!

Suzan said...

My darling munchkin... such a genius!

cre8tone said...

Oh! She can understand well.. cute!

Chinneeq said... sweeet....qiqi is dreaming about a baby sister, and now she wants a baby doll for her 7th birthday!