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Friday, May 20, 2011

Another Weekend Getaway : )

During the Wesak long weekend, we went for a short 3D, 2N getaway at Marriott Hotel, Putrajaya. Just a nice relaxing getaway - minus crowds, travelling and traffic jams :)

We didn't utilise our Marriott Vacation Club package, but a separate package that hubby bought which is applicable just for the Putrajaya hotel. I think it's a pretty good deal - RM488 for 12 months. For that, we get 50% off all food and spa packages, standard rate of RM240 nett per night including breakfast and a pack of vouchers which includes stuff like one night free stay, buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner vouchers, upgrade to Exec room for RM80, free whole cake etc.

Similar concept to what a lot of 5 star hotels are offering, but I like this package cos of the location (somehow being in Putrajaya makes me feel like I'm really far from the city!) and the food and spa prices are not too overpriced to begin with, so the 50% makes it pretty good value.

Anyway, for this getaway, we basically just stayed in and enjoyed the hotel facilities. We were either in the hotel room, exec lounge, kiddies room, spa or swimming pool :) I just lovvvved the brand new kiddies room -

Huge kiddies room
Elyssa playing with some puzzles

What's the red pod-like things on the left hand side?
On the right, the doors are for the mini library and mini cinema room

Play Station 3 !!!!

Rack of fancy animal costumes

My happy little lion

Who turned into a busy bee...

And then a little elephant :)

Playing basketball with daddy

Little boss

They even had Wi-Fi access in the kiddies room so I could use my Ipad :)

We also went to the swimming pool everyday. Can see she's more confident in the water now!

Elyssa and I
First time I went into the pool for ages, and I don't know why I refrained myself from going earlier. (ok, mebbe I do know why - cos I didn't want to display my huge pregnant belly). Anyway, the feeling of "weightless-ness" in the pool felt fan-tas-tic!!

In the hotel room

On one of the nights, we took the complimentary night tour of Putrajaya. We were the only ones, so it was became a private tour :)

Brightly lit buildings at night
The buildings were pretty impressive...... good use of tax money, ahem.

Err... dunno what pose from Elyssa

We were planning to utilise the buffet meal vouchers but ended up not using a single one. He hee.... for eg, on the first day, we had a heavy buffet breakfast so for lunch, we just had a simple pizza (about RM17 after discount). Then around 5pm, we went to the exec lounge cos we were told they serve food at that time, on top of the light refreshments available all day. Wasn't expecting much so was pleasantly surprised with the good spread - lamb chops, fish fillets, sandwiches, cakes, pastries, fruits etc. We pretty much had our dinner there :) Then had a simple supper of fried noodles and soup in the chinese restaurant that night. (about RM38 after discount). Less than RM60 for a whole day's worth of good food with 5 star service!! Not bad indeed!

We definitely enjoyed our relaxing weekend getaway :) Will go there again soon, but by then it will be our little family of four!


Anonymous said...

wow..what a great weekend!! all of u sure enjoy to max :)

LittleLamb said...

Hey..when did they have the kids room? We were there last Dec and didnt notice this...

Nice. Now there's a reason for me to return to this hotel.

MeRy said...

So relaxing and fun..

ChloeRuoyi said...

Very nice hotel, I must say. We put up a night there too in Dec with Rachel and didn't notice the fun kiddy room. Hubs would love the PS3, I'm sure ;)

RM488 is very reasonable... i'm quite interested too hehe. How did you buy this package? We've bought many similar packages from other hotels too and "cheapest" one so far was already RM588!

Alice Law said...

Wow, such ideal hotel to stay and great playroom for kids!^^ Very!

Breathe Yoga said...

the kids seem so enjoy! what a great weekend!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

another getaway??? envy envy :D

MayChing said...

that kids room looks cool. a good reason to go and stay there, and I thought the clearwater one was cool. this one looks better. hehe.

Adrine said...

Luciana - we sure did :)

Rachel - Not sure when the kids room opened, but it is new. Still got the new smell! I think it's part of their refurbishment works. The coffee house is under renovation and they are building new outdoor spa villas.

MeRy - yup :)

HL - I did think of you when I wrote this post cos I know we have a common love of hotels!!! :)
Here's the name of the sales agent from Putrajaya - Mimi 014-727 7769

Alice - I know.... kids room was such a huge plus point for us.

BY - it was indeed :)

Barbara - Ha ha!! *wink*

MayChing - ooh...must really ask you about your trip up north! And this playroom is wayyyy better than the one in Clearwater, and yes, I was impressed with that last time too!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Wow, this sounds like a very very enjoyable short getaway that's really affordable. My hubs used to have 3 hotel membership as we could enjoy 50% on food and the kids were still small and got to eat FOC. We would eat at hotels every other week. Now that they are above 6YO, there's no more 50% as kids above 6YO are chargeable. We only stick to 1 membership now and have not gone to eat in hotels for ages :(

Unknown said...

Nice stay. I wonder how ur hubby get so much great deals...

Daddy said...

wow nice...we had membership with Shangrila KL which is expiring this June. We are currently thinking about signing up with Hilton though ....