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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wesak Long Weekend

During the recent Wesak long weekend, we stayed for 2 nights at the Putrajaya Marriott hotel as we wanted to utilize our hotel voucher.

Unfortunately, I fell sick during the first day there. Sore throat and fever. What bad timing! I felt lethargic and spent quite a lot of time just sleeping :(

Anyway, some photos from that weekend -

Elyssa waiting patiently for her balloon from the clown.
(daddy brought her down for high tea while mummy slept. Zzzzzz.....)

Thank You Uncle Clown!

3 pc band from the Italian Restaurant

Playing with my chinese book.
Yup, I brought my homework along!

The Happy Girl

Elyssa strutting down the hotel lobby :)


Kristie said...

ohhh.... hope u have fully recovered by now!

That is a nice short vacation for the family :)

Mommy to Chumsy said...

wow, you are such a hardworking girl :)

Alice Law said...

Salute mommy, vacation also brought homework along! 'Liao bu Qi';)!

Elyssa was so cool in sun glasses! Have a wonderful day ahead!

Mummy Gwen said... brought your homework along too..good lah you. *salute*

Elyssa is such a happy girl. Love to see her strutting her stuff. :)

the little prince said...

Wow!! Your girl so clever, not afraid of the clown, my boy totally reject the clown!! :-)

Wow!! How's your homework development?

LittleLamb said...

is this part of ur Marriott time share?

cre8tone said...

Enjoying wor...

Adrine said...

Kristie - still coughing now but getting better. thx.

Barbara/Alice/MummyGwen - he he. thx! I try to be as consistent as I can. I'm worried that if I stop my "homework", then I won't start again!

LittlePrince mummy - Actually, Elyssa was not too comfortable with the clown. But her desire for the balloon was more than the fear!
As for my homework development, it's steady but very slow ;)

Rachel - No, it's part of a 15months Renaissance package we bought b4 the Marriott time share. Will prob save the Marriott one for overseas trips :)

Prince & Princess mum - he he.. life is short, must enjoy mah!!! ;)

MeRy said...

Nice holiday trip....too bad u fal sick. Get wel soon !!

Unknown said...

wah she good lar... not scared of clown!!

2ma said...

elyssa look so funny with her big sun glasses!! she walk with style :D

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

If Sarah, she already run away from the clown.
She even scared when she see clowns from tv or from far...