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Saturday, June 12, 2010

2 Years, 2 Months Old

Elyssa is exactly 2 Years and 2 Months Old today!

About her :
1. Weight : Approx 12.7 kg

2. She loves to say "Excuse Me" (with a big smile) after she sneezes or coughs. If any of us forget, she'll happily say, "Oh, Forgot to say Excuse Me".

3. She finally knows her colours! Yay..... no problem with blue, green, red, yellow, pink, black and white now.

4. At times, she has trouble controlling her emotions. When she's at a "distress" stage, she just cries and screams "I don't want, I don't want" or "Mummy, Mummy", while hardly being able to catch her breath. When I ask her "What do you want", or "tell mummy why you're crying", she just screams even louder and gets herself even more stressed up.

But sometimes, it's a little funny. She cries/screams for quite a while, then suddenly stops and ask questions in a calm manner....... and then starts screaming again.

5. She's still drooling. Never stopped since birth!

6. Just like her daddy, she's very determined once she sets her mind on something. Here's a potty story -
For the past month, my mum has been training her to poo in the potty. (before this, she poos either in her diaper during nap time or occasionally in her pants) She refused to poo in the potty so as a last resort, my mum decided to bribe her..... with food of course. My mum told her she could have a small piece of chocolate if she was successful. The outcome?

The first time, she sat and strained on the potty for ages! After about 20 minutes of trying, my mum asked her to get up but she just refused. Her response.... "I want to nggg nggg so I can eat chocolate". She was successful - after 45 minutes of trying! Her bum was all red but my mum said she had such a triumphed look on her face ;)

The second day, she tried and tried.... until she fell asleep! Now that's a big thing for someone who doesn't fall asleep easily.

(actually, as I'm writing this, she's trying to poo. He heeee... she won't disturb me for a while)

7. These days, she has a bad habit of running away everytime it's bath time or time to change clothes. It's like a game to her but frustrating for us!


More photos of Elyssa, taken this afternoon.
I can't help thinking she looks like such a big girl from this angle.

Hubby says she looks like a "hao poh" (vain pot) in the last photo ;)


MayChing said...

i bribed Keira with a lollipop to poo, but the stubborn girl didn't cave, until she really, really had to GO!

2ma said...

her last photo is so cute, with her wink wink eye *haha*

cre8tone said...

chubby and cute!

Alice Law said...

LOL... bribe her with chocolate?! Wow... Elyssa looks so matured, she looks like 3 to me!!O.o

Have a beautiful day ahead!

Mummy Gwen said...

The last photo is very cute..not 'hau poh' lah.

Haha..her potty's story is very funny lah. I salute her determination. :)

Health Freak Mommy said...

Elyssa sounds like a real smart little girl, cheeky and cute too :)

Leona said...

I like Elyssa's smile...

Kristie said...

the last photo is so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is so cute lah... want to play with her again hahah :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

So cute lah...Elyssa "ng ng" half way and later fall asleep:-)

Yea, I think I can see she was drooling in the photo. :-)
She will drooling when she is excited?