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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Why Elyssa Tear?"

Whenever she comes to me and says "Why Elyssa Tear?" , I ask myself "what now?" cos she only says that AFTER she tears something.

Over the last week, she tore her jigsaw puzzle, my story book cover, our dining table placemat and even my Mother's Day flower!!! Aaargh..... I hope it's just a phase that she'll grow out of. Of course she gets a smack on her hands each time she does it. And I make her say "Sorry Mummy" too.

The one that I got the most angry was with the plastic placemat. Hey, it's not easy to tear a plastic placemat so I know she did it on purpose. So she got more smacks for that. As usual, she howled but when she went "Soh *snif* Ree *snif snif* Mah *sob sob sob* Mi *sob sob*" my heart absolutely melted. Had to still maintain serious face and tell her sternly not to tear again but inside, mummy's heart was like warm marshmallow already! he he. (Not that this is the first smack-then-sorry moment, but didn't write about it earlier)

The Placemat -

What was left of my flower -

Actually, when she broke the flower stem (she was in her car seat) I saw it before she managed to ask me her question. So I asked her "Why Elyssa tear?"

Her response:
"Mummy, Elyssa cough *fake cough*. Elyssa cough again *another fake cough*
Elyssa tired, Elyssa want to read book, Elyssa want to sleep............ bla bla bla bla

Wah........ can use "distracting technique" on mummy somemore!!!


Kristie said...

i guess every child has habits which phase off after a while... like now Jayden likes to step on things on the floor, throw things blah blah blah... hai, have to discipline them along the way!

cre8tone said...

It's not easy to discipline a child.. hmm..

2ma said...

elyssa is smart!! *hehe* knows how to distract your attention!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

ehheheeh...she's full of ideas and may I say what a strong girl she is to tear the placemat :D