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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2 years, 1 month old

It's already one month past Elyssa's 2nd birthday. Sometimes when I look at her, I'm just amazed at how much she has grown. I know, I know..... I see her everyday, but I still can't help asking myself "since when did she get so big".

But I know in decades to come, I will think back of these times and tell myself, "she was so small then, only 2 years old". So I tell myself that "big" or "small" is relative to what it's compared with. What I should do is to enjoy and cherish the "now".

Anyway, back to her monthly updates.

1. Weight - to be updated

2. She's like our mini law enforcer. Whenever we get into the car, she says "Daddy, wear safety belt", Mummy wear safety belt" !

3. Very stubborn.

4. Very persistent. Like when my mum started to blow her harmonica one afternoon. She went "Ah Mah, No Need", "Ah Mah, No Need" over and over again. No temper tantrum, no raising voice. But just over and over again....... until my mum gave up.

5. Being stubborn and persistent, we have definitely started to see signs of the "Terrible Twos". It can be something simple like her refusing to keep a toy or walk up the stairs. If she doesn't want to do it, she absolutely refuses to. When we insist, the cry&scream until goo-starts-dripping-from-nose routine starts. *Sigh*, it's so tempting to give in to her but for long term discipline sake we try to be as consistent as we can.

6. She tends to say I do "in-the-self" rather than "myself". I suppose it's hard to unlearn something! We keep correcting her and these days, she mostly says "myself" but when she's excited about something, it tends to be back to "in-the-self".

7. Her favourite playmate at my parent's place is her 4 year old cousin, Justin ko-ko. But also her No. 1 enemy when they fight for things and attention! The two of them are very close and I hope they will remain close as they grow up.

8. This girl can be a real chatterbox. Just a few days ago, the 3 of us had an after-dinner walk around the neighbourhood. Hubby was holding my hand, I was holding hers. Hubby and I were yakking away about work related stuff. Yak Yak Yak..... then I realised that she was yakking quietly to herself too !!! Hers was quite soft but I picked up words like "and then do like that".. ha ha so funny. Go oi oi. etc etc. Non-stop talking (to herself) for almost half an hour while we walked. ;)

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