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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day Trip to Colmar Tropicale

Last Saturday, we went for a day trip to Colmar Tropicale. Heard plenty of bad reviews about the place so we were not expecting much! Just wanted a change from our typical weekend shopping centre routine.

After breakfast, we took the short drive up. About an hour plus I think, but hubby went quite slow since I got a little car sick when the road got windy towards the end. Luckily Elyssa was fine. Entry fee was RM12 per person for the French Village (Colmare Square) and Japanese Village.

Some of the photos we took -

Attraction 1 - French Village
Basically just ONE row of french-style buildings. Nothing exciting.

Graceful white swan
To Elyssa, this was the best attraction of the French village

Elyssa and mummy with the swan

With the swan again
Nothing else to do at the French Village!

A rare photo of the 3 of us
A friendly Jordanian tourist offered to take our photo

Attraction 2 - Japanese Village
We enjoyed this a lot more compared to the French Village. Place was big and surprisingly quite well kept. But it was hot, hot hot !!

Elyssa walking around the Japanese garden

After a while, wanted Daddy to carry

Lunch at the Japanese Restaurant
As expected, overpriced and not nice. Served us right for being too lazy to bring food up!
The surroundings were nice tho.

Koi Pond outside the Japanese Restaurant

We left the place around 4pm. Wanted to go to the Rabbit Farm but it was just too hot so decided to skip it.

Overall, I think the place is worth a one-time visit. The French village was exactly as I expected, but the Japanese Village more than made up for it.
The best part for me was spending time with hubby and my little precious :)


Unknown said...

I remembered being there many years ago during a departmental trip, everything still looks the same from your pics, we even had lunch at the Jap restaurant. Well, it's a change for little Elyssa... return again?

cre8tone said...

lovely outings!

Mummy Gwen said...

I've never been there before. I thought the place is cooling. Yeah, at least a change from the usual mall visiting.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

i haven't been to colmar before. the entrance fee put me off, since i heard there's nothing much to see. Elyssa looks just like her daddy. i'm sure you get that a lot :D

Leona said...

Went there last year.. Found it rather quiet there.
Nice family pictures.

Kristie said...

i've never been there also... dont know if it's worth the trip or not!

elyssa is such a darling, the family photo is lovely!