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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The "Other" Woman

I found hubby with another female calling him "darling".

Luckily, it was Elyssa and not someone else ! She was in the house, hubby was in the garden and she suddenly hollered out "darling, darling, darling, darling" over and over again while walking towards hubby. Ha hahh..... what a copy cat cos that's why I call hubby.

She's going through a "word explosion" phase now and never ceases to amaze me at the words she picks up :

"Eh-Lee-Sa sleep here"
"Give Ah Ee bay bee"
"Want wipe nose"
"Go Ah Kong Ah Mah's house"
"No want car seat"
"Eh-Lee-Sa pom pom Up stairs"
"Pain Pain here. Kiss Kiss"
"Daddy's one. Daddy's bai see keel"
"Keep toys. Kai kai"

I love how she says the words above cos she pronounces each syllable on its own clearly.

But there are also words that are not clear at all - some we can understand, some we just don't. And when we don't, she gets very frustrated ! Like that day when we were singing nursery rhymes in the car - she kept on saying something like "fah len dan" and cried out in frustration when we didn't respond correctly. Ha hahhh..... only figured out later that she wanted me to sing "London Bridge". (London Bridge is Falling Down")

I just love this learning-to-talk phase :)

Pic of the "other" female in hubby's life that calls him "Darling" -


the little prince said...

Your hubby must be feeling so sweet ya!!

Kristie said...

she is so adorable!!! ya so cute to hear them speak now... elyssa is so cute!!!

Unknown said...

haha, she's just like vic... she used to call my hubby honey... obviously learnt from me. so i guess your hubby is melting now? got younger girl calling him darling.. hahahaha

Daddy said... this susah lor. My wife called me `Low Kong'...So does that mean Ryan will start calling me that too??? Faint!!!

Mommy to Chumsy said... cute! so who does your hubs prefer to hear the word "darling" from?