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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bandung Holiday - Day 1 & 2

Just came back from a 5D, 4N holiday in Bandung. Day 1 &2 was just us, while Day 3 onwards was with hubby's family - my mum in law, brother in law + wife + 2kids and sis in law + godsis.

Day 1 & 2
We took the 9.40am Air Asia flight to Bandung. Elyssa was very excited indeed - she kept on saying "cit (sit) aeroplane, cit aeroplane". She was pretty well behaved during the 2 hour flight. When we arrived at the Bandung airport, she gave everyone a good laugh when kept on saying "reach already, YEAHHHH", reach already, YEAHHHH" and happily clapped her hands :)
("kept on saying" cos she she said it > 20 times!!)

Happy girl in the plane

@ Bandung Airport.
(I was surprised when I saw many people taking photos at the airport runway cos usually there is a "no stopping" policy. Then I looked around and understood - our plane was the only plane in the entire airport runway !! Very small airport indeed. An added advantage was that everything was close by. We only had to walk a few steps to the immigration counter and then a few more steps to the baggage collection area. Quick and easy)

After passing through Customs, we took a cab straight to our hotel (Garden Permata Hotel). Freshened up a bit, then we started our main purpose of the holiday - SHOPPING, SHOPPING, SHOPPING !!!

First stop was Rumah Mode -

And basically for the next 2 days, we just went from one factory outlet to another.

Day 1 - Outlets at Setiabudi : Rumah Mode, Mode Plus, Natural, Factory Outlets
Day 2 - Outlets at Jln Riau : Branded Outlet, The Secret, Renarity, The Heritage, Cascade,The Summit, Oasis, Stamp etc

Hubby went absolutely crazy with the good selection of branded work shirts, pants and jeans. For me, day1 and 2 was so-so only. Didn't help that Elyssa kept on saying "Mummy pao pao" (mummy carry). But even though "so-so only" I still managed to buy some tshirts and pants. :)

Elyssa did her own shopping as well -

He he...... she looks like a shopping pro eh?? We got her some dresses and t-shirts.

Some of the food we had during the first 2 days -

Ayam Penyet

Mie Cumie (I think)

Nasi Timbel

- to be continued with Day 3 & 4 -


Mommy to Chumsy said...

wow, you guys travel a lot eh? that's good :D when ashley was younger, we hardly go anywhere becos gotta pack so much :) heard so much about bandung and the factory outlets. we must make a trip there. no photo of the clothes kah?

Kristie said...

wow that is one lovely vacation... can't wait to go for one too... jayden has never flew on a plane yet :)

elyssa is so cute!!!! waiting for more of u shopping posts :)

Merryn said...

All i can say is.... "So clever she shop ah???? Waiseh.. her bf next time sure pening kepala follow her shopping :D"

Mummy Gwen said...

We are planning to go Bandung from Jakarta very soon. It's 2 hours drive from jakarta.

You must have bought lots of nice clothes. :)

Unknown said...

lovely! she's a young shoppaholic! better start saving more, hehe

LittleLamb said...

i got a strange feeling that Elyssa have many dress, shoes, etc...grooming to be another shopping queen...

Unknown said...

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