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Thursday, February 25, 2010

1 year, 10 months old

-belated post-

Elyssa is now 1 year, 10 months old. Gosh, I can't believe that she'll be celebrating her second birthday in 2 months time...

About her:

1. Weight : approx 11.3kg.
Teeth : can't remember. But she has 2 new molars on her bottom jaw.

2. In terms of speech, Elyssa today is totally different from Elyssa 1.5 or 2 months ago. It's like she's going through a massive speech development growth! On an almost daily basis, she surprises us by saying new words or new sentences. Eg:
"(H)ere itchy. Ah Kong Massage"
"Mummy, Nice Dress!"

"Uncle Water Plants"
"Help Daddy Water Plants"
"Eh- Lee-Sa Wash Hand. Eat Rice"
"No Want Sit Stroller"

She's actually a real chatter box. In the car, she can talk or sing to herself for more than 30 minutes. At this stage, we still find this cute, but I'm sure one day we'll want to buy earplugs :)

3. I find it amusing that most of the time, she refers to herself as "Eh-Lee-Sa". This started since I thought her her own name about a month ago.

3. Suddenly, she has taken a strong liking for her Gymboree play class. Like last weekend. Her class was on Sunday morning. A word sounding like Gymbo (which is the clown in her Gymboree class) came up during our Saturday night dinner conversation. During that night and the next morning, she kept on saying "El-Lee-Sa want go Gym-Bo-Ree" and then "Hip Hip Hooray!!" , which is one of the things she learned in class. Ha hah....... Anyway, she enjoyed her Sunday class. Problem was when I wanted to change her out from her Gymboree t-shirt which has the pic of Gymbo the clown. She screamed out "El-Lee-Sa want wear Gymbo" "Eh-Lee-Sa want wear Gymbo" !!!! ;)

4. She can say "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10" now. For a long time, she kept missing out her 3 & 7, and sometimes 6. But she doesn't really what it means. Cos sometimes when we give her 5 items, she happily counts it from 1 to 10 :)

6. Her mouth is still like a leaky tap. I wonder when the drooling will stop!

7. The past 2 weeks or so, when she is not distracted at the shopping centres, she wants me to carry her :( If I don't, then it comes down to crying and rolling on the floor. *sigh*. Shopping centre floors are not too hygienic (tho sometimes I just let her be), so I normally have to give in - either by carrying her, distracting her or asking hubby to help carry.( (if hubby picks her up, she'll normally continue crying for a few minutes, then stop, then eventually she'll want to walk again. So I know she's just "bullying me"). And she's a cheeky kid too - when I ask her why must carry? You have such nice strong legs. Her response ? "No Leg"

7. Her concentration span is much longer now. Hubby and I got her a set of building blocks 2 weeks ago. Ha hah..... good way to keep her busy so she won't disturb us! (RM20 well spent!!)


Chinneeq said...

Adrine, still remember last year we went to TTDI park? time flies heh...

Kristie said...

Eh-lee-sa is SO adorable!!!

She sounds like a real chatterbox, so adorable.

I like the way she says 'no 'legs'! hahahah!

the little prince said...

Elyssa so so cute!!

My boy also like to say that when he want me to carry, why the kid know how to say "NO LEG"??? really clueless!!

Mummy Gwen said...

I'm amazed by her speech development. She can speak very well at her age. Bravo Elyssa.

Priscilla said...

Hahaha.. I like the "ah kong massage" one! :)

Anonymous said...

good job Elyssa !!! very cute & smart girl!!!
do visit my blogger ler.. :))