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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bandung Holiday - Day 3 & 4

- continuation of previous post -

I'll start off with Day 4 first. We rented a van since there were 7 adults and 3 kids. Our first stop (and the only non-shopping part of the whole trip !!) was to Tangkuban Perahu, which is an active volcano about one hour away from Bandung town.

Volcano Crater (the smell of sulfer was pretty strong) -

Horse Ride
(I wanted to let Elyssa sit with the cheh-chehs but she kept saying "no want sit horse")

Overall, I found Tangkuban Perahu quite overrated. Nothing much to see and there's also a RM20 admission charge per person. But ok lah for a one-time visit.

We had lunch at Paris Van Java and then it was back to what we did best - SHOPPING !!

Places that we shopped :
Day 4 (after the visit to Tangkuban Perahu) - Jln Setiabudi : Natural, Mode Plus, Rumah Mode
Day 3 - Jeans Street : SuperHero, Catwoman etc ;
Jalan Dago : Rich & Famous, Glamour, Blossom, Jet Set, Raffles City, Victoria, Seximo etc

I actually shopped more on Day 3&4 compared to Day 1&2. Two main reasons :
1) it's more fun to shop with more people (an example was when my SIL found a pair of gorgeous Christian Dior jeans. Ended up she bought one, I bought two, another SIL bought one and my MIL bought one. Yup, all the same design!)

2) I had my personal "helper" to take care of Elyssa. :)

Elyssa with her favourite Chloe cheh-cheh

@ Rumah Mode

During dinner time

@ Paris Van Java

Breakfast time in the hotel

Elyssa also had fun with both Chloe & Charmaine cheh-cheh while we were all busy shopping..

See how much we shopped??? Ha hahh.... luckily we brought Elyssa's stroller along.

Group Photo taken during dinner time (well, except me as I took this photo)

The food that we had during Day 3&4 was pretty forgettable. Nothing awful but nothing great either. Though one of the "memorable" item was the size of our vege dish during dinner on Day 3. Eh, vege so expensive meh????

Pic of our vege dish + my SIL's hand, to show relative size ;)

Our flight on Day 5 was at 12pm so it was basically breakfast in the hotel, some last minute packing and then off to the airport.

All in all, Bandung is definitely a shopping haven. Hubby and I are thinking of going back there in maybe 2 or 3 years time to restock our wardrobe. ;) Where else can we get our lovely Versace and Christian Dior jeans for only about RM 80?? Or Zara tops for about RM35? Or Armani tshirts for about RM35? Or my Espirit 3/4 pants for RM40? Or hubby's Gucci work shirt for RM70?

He hehh..... we bought so much stuff that we have to clear our existing cupboard space to make way for the new clothes :)

Shy lah, to take photo of our loot, but here's a photo of Elyssa's new clothes -


Mummy Gwen said... guys bought so many things! personal "helper" to take care of Elyssa..hehe..good lah.

I must plan my Bandung trip sooon. Take lah pics of your loot..hehe.

Unknown said...

all genuine in good condition ah... meaning not the reject type?? wah if yes i must get someone bbsit my kids and fly to bandung too... haha

Kristie said...

wow that's a lot of shopping bags! thank god for hubbies huh :)

want to see ur loot lah! no need to be shy :)

2xMum said...

wow!!! nice place for a holiday!! Hmm... must bug my hub to take me there liao. hehe.

Chinneeq said...

Bandung looks really cooling and a nice place to visit. Can't wait for my boys to grow up so we can go travel abroad again!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

wow, so many nice clothes. amazing. now you made me wanna go to bandung asap :D

i can see that elyssa is very attached to the cheh cheh...heheehhe. good for you as you can have some spare time :D

MayChing said...

all your lovely trips always give me itchy feet. i want to go holiday too!! mchyl

LittleLamb said...

bandung is indeed a shopping haven.. i guess with our low fairs... you can just sneak off any weekend too ;p

Adrine said...

Mummy Gwen - Oh yes, you definitely must make a visit to Bandung. I have a colleague from Jakarta who goes there every 6 months. Pics? he hehh....ok, will do so one day.

Irene - Some shops (mostly the smaller ones) can have non genuine stuff. So need to check. A glaring example I saw was that the jeans was one famous brand, but the button of the jeans was another no name brand! But mid-tier brands like Zara are genuine.

Kristie - pic of loot? Ok lah, (if I'm not too lazy), I'll write another post about my trip. There's some additional stuff that friends keep asking so I thought it's better to just write about it.

Doreen - Yes, it's a nice place. But warning - only if you like shopping! Non shopholics will find Bandung boring.

Chin Nee - You definitely deserve a holiday with the family. Good to go b4 the boys turn 2 so they don't have to have full fare seats!

Barbara - really sweet to see Elyssa and Chloe chehcheh together!

MC - hey, at least you are in Aussie. To me, that will be a holiday :)

Rachel - oh yes, we'll be back again!