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Friday, January 8, 2010

Marriott Vacation Club, Phuket

When a friend offered to recommend us for a FREE 4 days, 3 nights stay at the Marriott Vacation Club in Phuket, hubby and I said "yes" immediately. After all, we have previously heard some nice stories about the resort. Only thing was that we had to listen to a 90 minute sales presentation there. 90 minutes out of 4 days? OK what....

Arrangements were quickly made and we got our 2-bedroom villa booked for 18 Dec. Yipeee! I asked my parents to come along too since there were 2 rooms.

We were all pretty excited on the day of the vacation. It was Elyssa's first plane flight and luckily she did really well -didn't cry or fuss at all during the short 1 hour, 15 minutes flight. A sign that we are ready for for more vacations after this :)

When we reached Phuket airport, there was a pre-arranged van to send us to the villa. And after we checked in to the villa, we all kept exclaiming "Wow", "SOOOOOO Nice" "Wow" !!!!!
Why? Will let the pics do the talking...

My happy mum in the living room

Our private plunge pool !!!
(we just LOVED, LOVED this !!! This was an upgrade and not part of the standard villa)

Master Bedroom
(can jump into the plunge pool from here)

2nd Bedroom

Dining and Living Room

Fully Equipped Kitchen
(comes with plates, cutlery, pots, toaster, oven etc. And yes, even rice cooker!)

Backyard of the Villa

Laundry Room
(complete with washing machine, dryer and soap powder. We utilised this on our last day so we don't have to deal with dirty laundry when we go home)

Turtle Village
(mini shopping area with supermarket, cafes and ice-cream parlour very near our villa)

View of the Resort

Super nice eh?? Especially since it was FREE :) Before this, I would only stay in these sort of villas...... in my dreams! And yes, after careful consideration we signed up for the Vacation Club in the end. So, if anyone is interested for a similar free holiday, just let me know (via comments or my email : and I will send you the referral email. No obligations.

Will write more about what we did in Phuket in the next post. But would just like to end this post with a pic of a happy Elyssa enjoying her "nen-nen" by the swimming pool :)


Unknown said...

Oh Wow!! The pictures are really lovely! I can get some ideas for interior design too.. haha... so how much to sign up for the Vacation Club? Can be used in Mariott in Msia?

LittleLamb said... furnish more info to me...

looking at the pictures...makes me want to make a trip right away..*stress man in the office*

Mommy to Chumsy said...

what a fab place :D i can't help laughing at Elyssa's photo. She really knows how to enjoy life :D

the little prince said...

Wow,,,,,so nice!! Am seriously think about that!! :-) Have not been to overseas holiday for long time (after preggy till now!! :-()

Kristie said...

i want to plunge into that pool right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

elyssa darling looks so cute enjoying her nen nen ;)

MayChing said...

plunge pool! PRIVATE plunge pool!

Mummy Gwen said... stay at such a wonderful place. Looks Elyssa really know how to relax huh..hehe.

Irene said...

4 days FOC in a beautiful villa like that! that 90 mins torture is worth it wei! hahaha!

Irene said...

details please!

Adrine said...

Irene - yup, can be used in Mariott hotels worldwide. Price can find out more when you enjoy your Phuket holiday :)

Rachel - first week of the yr already stress? he heh.... u sure need a holiday! just send your email add to and I'll send you the referral email. easy peasy!

Little Prince's mummy - just send me your email add :)

Kristie / MC - yeah, having a private plunge pool was great. We jumped in there day and night ;)

Barb / MummyGwen - he heh... that girl really enjoy life one....

Irene - yup, go got things in the right perspective! just send me your email add to and I'll send you the referral email :)

2ma said...

its super nice ler!!! i also want a 4d, 3n free stay. emailing to you now!!!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Very nice indeed. I am sure the vacation package must be really pricey eh? I'd attended these sort of talks before and we flipped when we found out about the price :D

Adrine said...

Jasmine - Enjoy your holiday!

Shireen - Price wise, I think it's better value that other vacations clubs I've heard about. (Berjaya, Heritage etc.) ;)

2ma said...

adrine, am still waiting for your referral email......

Adrine said...

Jasmine- sent! enjoy :)

Unknown said...


Have emailed you asking for details. Thanks

Muhammad Hassan said...

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