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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1 Year, 9 Months Old

About Elyssa:

1. Weight : approx 11.4 kg
No. of teeth : 8 (4 down, 4 up), with 2 peeking out at the top.

2. She's going through an independant phase. Like recently when she was trying to wear her shoes and her cousin Charmaine helped her - she cried, kicked off the shoes then wore the shoes again on her own.

3. Some of her frequently used words - "No Want!" (this is used WAYYY to frequently), "Psss" (for please), "Tek Kiu" (for thank you), "More", "Eat", "Mummy", "Daddy", "Kong" , "Mah", "Ko ko", "Ta tak" (for kakak), "Koo", "Kim", "To Away"(for throw away), "Go Away", "Kai Kai", "Draw Draw", "Toup" (for soup), "Walk Walk" , "Yes"
She also has a tendency to only use the last syllable of a word eg "Pen" for Open. "Gurt" for yogurt. "Ter" for water.

4. Most of the time, she uses single words. The item closest to a sentence was "koko"... "go away"... "room". Ha hahh.... that's the bossy girl asking cousin Justin to go into the room when they were fighting over a toy.

5. One of her favourite activities is to "draw" or asking us to draw. She'll say "draw draw" and say (ask for) "paper" and "pen".
6. She's been off diapers for the past 2 months during day time at my parents place. But of course "accidents" are common. Probably about twice on a normal day but certain "off" days, it can be a lot more.

7. Every night before she sleeps, she gives me a wet sloppy kiss on the mouth and then says "night night". I just love it !! When she's in a good mood, she'll give her daddy a kiss as well.

8. She's getting more choosy with food. Last time, she'll be happy with whatever food she gets. But now if there are 2 food items and one is tastier than the other, she'll insist on having the tastier one.

9. She loves to go to her grandparent's house. Every weekday morning when I ask her - "Do you want to go to Ah Kong, Ah Mah's house?" It's always a "YES" followed by a big grin :)


Caterina said...

the other words she calls a lot is "papa".. hahaha...

Adrine said...

Oh yes, forgot about that! I actually find it pretty funny. She knows it should be "koo" but she still wants to follow Justin :)

LittleLamb said...

I'm glad she can hold the pen well...can start on some coloring works...

Galleon88 said...
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Galleon88 said...

Hah - I don't mind her calling other people "papa", cause I prefer her to call me "daddy"


Mommy to Chumsy said...

her speech is very good :D way to go Elyssa :D

the little prince said...

Wah, she start to pick up a lots of new word!!

2ma said...

shan rae also loves to draw right now! and how i wish he will also give me a wet kiss whenever he sees me