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Monday, January 25, 2010

Phuket - Part 2

*long overdue post on what we did in Phuket*

Well actually, we didn't do a lot of things during the recent Phuket trip. With such a nice villa, mostly we just stayed in and enjoyed the villa :)

Anyway, just wanted to recap it here for remembrance.

Day 1
- had lunch on the Air Asia flight.
- arrived at Villa - ooh'ed, aah'ed and happily took photos.
- walked to the nearby Turtle Village and I managed to get an Esprit top.
- luckily Elyssa was tired out and took her afternoon nap without much fuss.
- lazed around, jumped into plunge pool.
- had dinner at the "The Club" restaurant at the Turtle Village followed by ice-cream at Swensons.
- watched dvds (borrowed from the club), lazed around, then zzzzzz.

@ Swensons

"Ah Kong/ Ah Mah, which ice-cream should I choose?"

Day 2

-rented a car for the day.

- My mum and I had a quick swim in the morning. While waiting for the rented car, she joined one of the free exercise class. (stretching class)

- First stop was at a factory outlet. I was so excited as it looked like the factory outlets in US. Arranged a meeting place with my parents for 3 hours later. But we were done in 1/2 hour. Things were not cheap at all. Disappointing :(

- Drove around and had lunch at a small Thai restaurant. Had tomyam, lemon chicken, green curry, thai salad and coconut. Tasted Fabulous. Cheap too !!!

- Evening - drove around Phuket. Got pretty hot around 5+ so we were happy to shop at a big shopping centre (Jungceylon) mainly cos of the aircon.

- Night : walked along Patong streets then brought groceries at Carrefour.

- Went back to the villa. Lazed around then zzzzz.

Our Rented Car -

@ Patong Beach -

Walking along street @ Patong-

Day 3

- had a quick swim in the morning.
- let Elyssa play in the playroom.
- listened to the talk. and yes, we loved the Vacation Club !!!
- ate lunch cooked by my mum (since kitchen was fully equipped)
- Elyssa was too excited to sleep so we went for a walk to the beach. Luckily she dozed off while hubby and I chatted on a swing by the beach.
- Went back to our villa and plonked sleeping girl to our bed.
- Hubby and I jumped into the plunge pool (again!). This time, ready with hot coffee at the side (for me) and ice-cold coke (for hubby). Nice !!!
- lazed around, then had dinner cooked by my mum. (ha hah..... big advantage of bringing my mum)
- Took buggy to "kaypoh" nearby hotel.
- Watched DVD then zzzzzzzz.

Happily playing in the Playroom

Nice quiet beach

Elyssa @ the Outdoor Bar (probably hoping she can order her nen-nen here ;) )

Day 4

- Hubby took Elyssa for a walk while I went for my morning swim.

- Enjoyed buffet breakfast as we wanted to utilise the THB2000 voucher that we got during the talk.

- Lazed around somemore.

- Time to go home !!!!!!! Boo hooo hooooooo........Why must great times just fly by?????

Morning Walk with Daddy

Breakfast Place

Fantastic holiday...... we'll definitely be back for more !!! :)


Mommy to Chumsy said...

ahhh...what a lovely holiday. i want to go too :) i like elyssa's photo where she was looking hard at the menu...hahahhahhaa

Mummy Gwen said...

Wow...what a great trip...relaxing all the way. The villa is really awesome ya. Elyssa was very well behaved during the trip..good girl.

Priscilla said...

Looks like a lovely holiday. Beautiful beach and great accommodation. Elyssa must've enjoyed herself lots