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Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 New Years Day

Happy Year 2010 !!

We celebrated 2010 with a bbq party at a friend's place. Or more like a 20% bbq party only..... since most of the food (mashed potatoes, satay, fried noodles, achar, tiramisu, nuggets, salad etc) didn't require any cooking :) But we did put the satay on the bbq pit so that it looked more like a "real" bbq !! ha hahh.

Elyssa was the only kid among 20+ of us 30-somethings, so naturally she got loads of attention ;) She had a blast with all the kor-kors and cheh-chehs stuffing her with food and playing with her.

Some pictures of the happy girl -


"and UP. hooray !!!!"

"Must run before this crazy uncle catches me again !!"

When it was almost midnight, I started yawning and the uncles & aunties who played with Elyssa were tired out. But she was like an Energizer bunny still running around and laughing away! We left shortly after midnight as we knew that Elyssa would not stop playing with so many people around. Sure enough, she fell asleep soon after we got into the car.

After we got home, one of the things I did was to look up my old blog entry which I made one year ago for 2009 Countdown. When I looked at her photos, I couldn't help thinking how much my little princess has grown. Then I wondered whether I have grown as much, as a person. Hmm.... in some aspects yes, in some aspects not as much as I had hoped.

Ah well, it's a brand new year and a the chance for a new beginning and yes, for new resolutions too.

Happy 2010! Here's to a fantastic year ahead. Cheers !!!


LittleLamb said...

Happy New Year 2010 & Best Wishes to you.

Chinneeq said...

yur lil Elyssa definitely has grown up a lot! happy new yr to you and family!

Mummy Gwen said...

Ah...Elyssa's not afraid of new faces huh..good girl. Such a happy and cute little girl. :)

Happy New Year To You, Elyssa and Your Dear Hubby!!

MayChing said...

happy 2010!!!

Leena said...

From what I see from the photos, she has really grown up. Happy New Year!

Leona said...

Elyssa is so sociable! Good girl!

Happy new year to u...

2ma said...

Happy New Year 2010 to you & your family! Elyssa look so happy in the photos!!!