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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Metal Stuff

I notice that these days, Elyssa seems to like biting on metal stuff. One of her favourite items are our keys. Whenever she sees our house keys or car keys, she'll reach out for it and start putting it in her mouth. Ewww.....

And at Carrefour recently when she was sitting in the shopping trolley - I looked at some stuff on the shelf and when I looked back at her, I was horrified that she was happily sucking on the metal chain of the trolley!!! (the short chain for the coin) Ewww.....
I quickly grabbed the chain from her. Shortly after that, she turned round and sucked the metal curved part of the trolley's back rest. Eww.

I wonder if she's teething? But she doesn't seem keen on her teething rings!


Kristie said...

omg!! it's so unhygenic!!! but there is no way of controlling her either huh?

Mommy to Chumsy said...

horrifying eh? i'm a phobia mom so each time i would clean those trolleys (for free) for the supermarkets before ashley sat on them. Same when we are in the restaurant too. Clean clean wipe wipe :(

Fussy mum said...

Kids at this age love to put things into their mouth. Perhaps you could give her some finger food to chew on while you're shopping.

Julie said...

I think she's teething. Just be careful to keep things beyond her reach and ensure no foreign objects laying on the floor.

Leona said...

The way you were describing the incident was really funny.But yeah... I agree with u..."Eewww"!

Adrine said...

Kristie - Yup, super unhygenic!

Barbara - I think I should start the clean clean wipe wipe routine also. ha hah.... take it as "community service"

Fussy Mum - Problem is that she sometimes drop her food (which I pick up and give it back to her again, when we're at home)

Julie - you've got that right! see my next post.

Leona - yup, that's the best word to describe the situation!

2ma said...

better becareful with elyssa. give her some teething toys or watch her closely!!!

have a great trip in beijing!