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Monday, January 12, 2009

9 months old

My little baby is now 9 months old. So she has spent approx the same amount of time outside my tummy as inside my tummy. :)

About her:

1. Weight - 9.5 kg
Height - 86cm

2. New food introduced - cauliflower, celery, broccoli.
(Missed out from last month's update -homemade yoghurt with fruit)

3. She has started to pronounce clearer sounds such as "Aaahh BUH", "Aaaah THE", "Maaaa", "Daaa". Sometimes, she can just "talk" non-stop.

4. Learnt some new "skills" from my mum i.e. respond to certain cue words (works about 80% of the time) :

a) "Sayang" Person xx - She'll move her forehead forward to touch the other person's forehead. My mum started this "sayang"thing with Elyssa's cousin Justin whereby my mum will say "sayang ko ko" and then both kids will lean forward so that their foreheads touch. They go through this "sayang" process multiple times a day! Although the "sayang" skill has since been extended to others in the house, I think it's still the sweetest when it's Elyssa and Justin. I shall try to take a photo one of these days.

b) "High 5!!" - When we raise our hand and say "High5" she'll raise hers as well to touch our hand. This action often makes her smile or giggle.

c) "Dance, Dance" - She'll move her legs up and down.

5. She still can't sleep through the night. On bad days she wakes up about 4 times. On average, probably about twice. Not funny when she sits up and go "Aaaah BUH" and flash a big grin at 3am!

6. She loves to ransack anything within her reach. Particularly loves to ransack the CDs and DVDs in the TV cabinet.


Fussy mum said...

Time really flies. In another 3 months time, Elyssa will be blowing her 1st candle. It's just so wonderful to jot down every moments of her growing up. :)

LittleLamb said...

Happy 9th Molds Elyssa. U made mummy proud.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

wow..she wakes up so many times a night eh? never mind lah..who can resist that beautiful and cherubic face? :D

MayChing said...

wow she's tall!

Adrine said...

Fussy Mum - yes, i'm so glad that i have this blog to record all the precious moments.

Little Lamb - i'm one proud mum!

Barbara - yeah loh.... i can't wait for the time when she (and ME) can sleep tru the nite.

MC - Actually, sometimes when I look at her legs, they do seem pretty long for a baby. He heh.... hope she'll be a tall girl like her mummy next time :)