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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Countdown to 2009

Celebrated the Countdown to 2009 at a friend's condo. Time really flies... I remember that for the 2008 Countdown, Elyssa was squirming away in my tummy. This year as I witnessed the fireworks, Elyssa was also squirming away - this time in my arms as an 8 months + baby. I felt really thankful to be blessed with my precious baby girl.

Had a good time that night. How not to? With a bunch of 20 friends (almost), good food (mostly ta-pau'ed) , dice game, alcohol, weird drink concoctions (vodka & milk plus whatever sauce from the kitchen? ), hair tying with objects around the condo etc etc....... Ha hah.... felt really "young" again.

As for Elyssa, she had a good time too! She just LOVED all the attention she got from the uncles and aunties or opps.. the kor-kors and cheh-chehs. Just look at some of the things offered to her -

"The kor-kor's said that I should start young"

"The Kor-kor's also said that ciggies and gambling are good for me"

Other photos from the night -

"Ahhhhh....... this massage is nice"

"Between the bottles of Alchohol, Sprite and my Avent water bottle, I choose Whisky"

"Another can of beer please"

"Erhm..... what sort of game is this?"

Happy 2009!


Mommy to Chumsy said...

wow, beers, liquors, ciggies and gambling? this little girl sure learns fast ;) btw, i love her dress :D

mommy of 3 angels said...

hahaha this is so funnii...wah! vely good influence from all the "kor kor" hor?

happy 2009 to you all....she's sooo chubby! just like my fei fei!

LittleLamb said...

She is sure starting from young :p

Daddy said...

Wah! 8 months and your mommy already started you partying ar? Aiyoh. Like this, when you are 18, already party animal lor..hahaha...HAPPY NEW YEAR

Fussy mum said...

Wah, you mean Elyssa was still awake during the countdown? That's really a fun party with lots of makan makan..heheh :)

Kristie said...

hahahahah really cute! :)

MayChing said...

wow i'm impressed with elyssa! let you guys enjoy a new year's party and she also enjoy!

Adrine said...

Happy New Year all !

Funny thing was that I started to get sleepy after the countdown but she was still wide awake, and wanted to play with all the kor kor's and cheh-cheh's. I sometimes wonder where she gets all her energy from!