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Sunday, December 21, 2008

EOE Online - Pt 2

I've finally received my photos from EOE Online. They tried delivering the photos some time last week but there was no one home at that time. I guess that's one downside of online shopping.

I'm happy with the overall print quality and paper. Ha hahh... already planning to order additional photos. I restricted myself to only 50 pieces the first round as I was worried that the photos may not turn out nice.

The EOE Online website has more than just photo printing. I've uploaded one of Elyssa's photo for the "Joy of Christmas" photo competion. 1st prize is a RM200 photo voucher, so do vote for her :) Here's the link to vote (but need to register) -


Unknown said...

i uploaded 148 pics, and the download time was more than 2hrs, the worse is i had to upload a few times. the final attempt was successful, but their page had error. so i left a msg for them to contact me. to put long story short, their service was good, albeit the technical glitch, and i made payment on thurs nite, got the pics couriered to me on sat morning! of course i'd prefer matte finishing, but its ok. they made 2 pics wrong, but for 60cents, i'd forget abt it. thanks for recommending this service. sure is VERY convenient, esp for lazy ppl like me.. hehe

Adrine said...

My download time was pretty long too but my connection at home is normally quite slow so I tot it was that. I still haven't gotten round to do my second batch of photos tho. Really in a lazy holiday mood these days!

Happy (early) New Year to you, SK, Vic and William :)