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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Car Seat

Bought Elyssa a new car seat over the weekend. Original budget was around RM 300+ to 400+. But ended up buying a Cosco car seat from US worth RM 799 (normal price - RM1,200) So much for budgeting!

Main reason for choosing this model is it's an all-in-1 car seat that can be used from birth up to 48 kg. So Elyssa can use this seat until she's big enough to use a normal seat belt.

Picture of her new "throne":

So, no more excuse (for me!) for not placing her in the car seat. Her current baby car seat is not very comfortable and she often struggles and scream when I strap her in. And I usually give-in by carrying her in my arms which I know is a dangerous thing to do.

Anyway, when we left Ikano last Saturday night (the shop personnel installed the seat for us), she was ok with her new car seat but struggled when we left the carpark. She generally doesn't like darkness so I unstrapped her and carried her in my arms. I just didn't want her first experience with her new car seat to be a bad one.

Started afresh with the must-sit-in-car seat rule on Sunday morning. I did my very best to keep her distracted - made silly faces, sang loudly, gave her toys to play with etc etc. Phew, luckily it worked cos she sat in the car seat all the way to our destination.

And on the way home, I was very relieved when I saw this -

She was sleeping soooo soundly. She remained fast asleep even after we unloaded all the shopping bags. (she's normally a light sleeper) Yipee yay!

Since she can be comfortable in the seat, the must-sit-in-car seat rule is officially on!


Fussy mum said...

wow, the car seat you got is really pricey. Luckily there was a markdown. But it is definitely a good investment.

Mommy said...

She looks so comfortable in it!

BTW, thanks for dropping by my blog! I'm glad to know a new friend :)

Mummy Gwen said...

Wow..the car seat is really expensive ler but worth it coz see how soundly she sleeps..hehe. Wah...can use up to 48kg!!! That's around my weight already!

Daddy said...

Hei. You got a new car seat too. Great. It is always a challenge to get them to strap in. I installed a small music fan with lights just above the car seat to keep Ryan entertained and it works.

Leona said...

That car seat is a good investment...I always believe in getting a good sturdy safe car seat especially when they are at that age.

Hurray to Mummy for sticking to her 'rule'!

LittleLamb said...

Hmmm Costco brand?? I thought Costco only sell food in US only..

Anyway great to know that u hv a car seat for baby.

mama anis said...

ho, which US website did u buy the seat from? is 799 included shipping? usually the shipping cost more the items itself. and when i calculate it, its almost the same as we buy in malaysia