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Thursday, October 23, 2008

She Fell Down :(

My poor, poor princess fell down from the bed early this morning. :(

For the past few nights, I've been sleeping in the guest room while hubby has been sleeping in our king sized bed with Elyssa. Have been doing that so that I can get a few hours of decent sleep during her sleep training period.

But anyway early this morning, I woke up when I heard a loud shout from hubby. Not the fierce type of shout for robbers but a very panicky and scared kind of shout. I could also hear Elyssa crying. As I dashed from the guest room to the master room, I had a sick feeling in my heart that she fell down. My worst suspicion was confirmed when I saw hubby carrying her and rubbing the back of her head. He told me that he woke up and found her wailing on the floor. He said he placed a pillow on the side of the bed but she must have rolled over it or around it. My poor Elyssa.... We checked but did not see any bump on her head. After a while, she stopped crying and I could see that her eyelids were already drooping. I nursed her and she fell asleep within minutes.

This morning, she looked perfectly alright. No bumps and she was smiling as usual. I've asked my parents to observe her today, and if there's nothing unusual then we won't be bring her to a doctor.

*Sigh*, my poor little baby. I wish that I was the one sleeping with her cos I normally wake up the moment she moves. But poor hubby too. He looked so traumatised and guilty that I ended up reassuring him that it's ok. We both decided that it's time Elyssa sleeps in her baby cot from now on though.


Mummy Gwen said...

Alamak. Hope she is ok now. I tell you I had this harrowing experience before. Thank GOD Gwen was OK. When Gwen was around 6 months old, one day I put her on the sofa and went to get a hanky. In just 2 secs, *boom* she fell down from the sofa. It was my carelessness. Never leave a baby anywhere unattended not even for a sec.
I think it's better that you let Elyssa sleep in the crib. Just be extra careful next time. These things happen sometimes.

Unknown said...

Aiyoo... dun worry. Ppl told me when I had Victoria, that all babies will fall down from the bed at least ONCE before they turn one. So that is supposed to console you... but better u give your hubby the stern look! Two mistakes already, ok!!

Haha, I know I'm gonna get into his bad books now. Dun worry, so long as she is not fretful.

Leona said...

Yeah i can truly feel your 'kan cheong'-ness..after Elyssa's fall. Ryan has fallen and knocked his head so many times...and until now, I still freak out. Gotta observe them the following hours after the fall.

U could try looking that this brand 'Safety First' where they got this guard rails that u can attach to yur bed. I think available in big dept stores and WOC and first few years.

Julie said...

Jonathan first fall when he was 9 months. Also the incident like Elyssa. It's time to get a bed rail or push one side of the bed to the wall.

Leena said...

Poor baby, but don't worry, baby can cushion a fall better than we adults do.

Shern was also like that, no matter how many pillows I placed around the bed, he still falls off. Many times in fact. LOL.