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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Feeding Elyssa

Elyssa has been eating solids for a few weeks now. What she has tried so far:
1. Nestle Rice Cereal
2. Porridge with ikan bilis and carrot
3. Porridge with chicken, carrot and spinach
4. Porridge with fish, carrot and spinach

My greedy little baby seems to be happy with everything! She hasn't rejected any food yet. Each feeding session is quite fast as she opens her mouth wide when the spoonful of food goes near her. In fact,what we've learnt is to be quick and efficient - yup, no dilly dallying between spoonfuls or she'll complain. Another important step is to give her spoonfuls of water after the porridge has finished, to signal to her that there's no more. She won't be satisfied and start crying if her meal abruptly ends.

I'm just glad that feeding her is not a problem. The first time I made her porridge, I was so pleased that she gobbled everything. I told hubby that at least someone appreciates my cooking! Not like hubby who annoys me to no end cos he'll always add stuff to whatever I cook -tomato sauce, soya sauce, etc etc (he even added sardines to my garden salad last time !! ??)


Unknown said...

wah, elyssa eats like victoria when she was a baby. but the sheer satisfaction from the empty bowl... ahhh... the water thing is good to indicate no more, also to clean her mouth.

i wanna try your garden salad can ah?

Leona said...

yeah, why husbands can't just be satisfied with what we cooked so lovingly for them??? My hubby the same. Will always comment.

It is fun feeding babies at that age...

Adrine said...

Irene - Yup, very satisfying! And my garden salad very nice one u know.... got coral lettuce, cherry tomatoes, boiled egg, corn kennel etc.

Leona - Oh goodie... I'm glad that I'm not the only one! Really frustrating to cook for my hubby that's why we end up eating out most of the time.

Fussy mum said...

wah, she has very good appetite and not fussy about her food.