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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Avent Bottles

This mangled mess is what's left of two of my Avent bottles. Looks scary huh?

I was changing Elyssa's diaper one morning when I heard hubby walk out to the wet kitchen. Moments later, I heard him shouting "sei lor, sei lor" (die la, die la..) I rushed out and saw that the whole wet kitchen was covered with smoke and there was a strong plastic-ky smell.

The pot of water that he used to boil the bottles had completely dried up, and both the plastic bottles and the plastic handle of the pot melted!!! Bleah.... absent-minded hubby left the fire on for more than an hour. Expensive mistake cos the bottles were about RM40+ and the pot another RM50+. (could have gotten a nice toy for the little princess with that money)

But I guess I should be grateful that there was no explosion or fire. Needless to say, hubby got a lot of nagging from me!


Daddy said...

OMG. At first glance, I thought it was some kinda of soup. But don't be too hard on your hubby lar. I have also literally `boiled' at least 2 pots when I left the pots unattended for hours while watching TV. Luckily no fire. Your baby girl is so cute. Like my Ryan, he is also very clingy to her mom at night. Luckily, he sleeps through the night now.

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah..that's a pretty bad damage. Nevermind la, sometimes I'm also forgetful..hehe..Why not use the steam sterilizer?

Adrine said...

Daddy - keh kehh... so my hubby is not the only one! Btw, it's nice to see a daddy blogging about their little one :) I'll link you up.

Mummy Gwen - I only have one electric sterilizer and it's at my parent's place. We used to bring it back at forth. After that, got lazy and decided to use the conventional method instead. With this, mebbe safer to get another one

Mommy to Chumsy said...

hey, thanks for dropping by my blog :) definitely looks scary. hmm...maybe better to get a sterilizer? :D

Unknown said...

haha... i've been thru that too. but thank God i got 7 free AVENT bottles from modernmom 4 years ago. so i dun feel the heart pain when i "reshaped" two of the bottles. my maid has given up on me, and nicely hinted that she will do it! FINE!!

Leona said...

wah... the first thing when i read that yur hubby left the fire on for 1 hour, the first thing that came to my mind was... "Luckily didnt cause a fire!" very scary lah.
I normally make sure not to leave the stove unattended when boiling the bottles...

Julie said...

Yeah, luckily no burning. Nevermind, Elyssa have new bottles now.

Leena said...

HuH, it took you over an hour to melt the bottles, but my maid said she boiled it for a while only and it melted. Big liar, the more she lies, the more I hate her.
I mean if she can be honest with me, I'm ready to forgive her, but no, it's never her fault.

Nevermind la. Buy new bottles for little princess la.

Adrine said...

Mummy to Chumsy - now I'm thinking whether I should since I'll probably stop sterilising in a few months time.

Irene - SEVEN free bottles??? how nice! Avent bottles are sooo pricey.

Leona - yeah, luckily no fire. Now hubby is super careful and he tells me every few minutes that the stove is still on..

Julie - got her new bottles. But this time Anakku ones. Keh kehh.. at this age I think can do without Avent already.

Shern's mum - The fire was actually very small. But from what I read in your blog, that maid of yours really "no hope" one..