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Sunday, October 12, 2008

6 Months Old

Elyssa is already 6 months old. Halfway to her first year birthday!

"Mummy says I look sweet here"

About Her:

1. Weight - 8.8 kg.

2. Eats blended porridge twice a day for lunch and dinner.

3. Still sleeps on the bed with me. Poor daddy still sleeps on the travelling mattress. (we have just started the "project" to let her sleep independantly. will write about that next time)

4. Likes to sit up.

5. Loves to grab anything within her reach.

More photos of her -

I should add one more thing-

6. She seems to like to pose for the camera :)


Fussy mum said...

She's very photogenic wor. I'm sure you feed her well....look at her chubby cheek and thighs.

Julie said...

Oh mine...she can really smile so cheeckily.

Health Freak Mommy said...

My Cassandra's Chinese name is Kay Lee, pronounced as Kye Li also in Mandarin. Wow, your baby is really heavy at 8.8kg! Mine is only 6.8kg and still only on breastmilk and some fruit juices.

Lybil said...

She loves to be in the 'box'!!! I love her cheeks ... sooooo chubby!


andrewjune said...

hi thks for dropping our blog...

well, just today i decided to make my blog a personal one (due to some reasons), so pls email me your email add at so i can add you :-)


cre8tone said...

She looks so sweet and chubby~

Leona said...

Model in the making...

LittleLamb said...

wow..6 months and already know how to posse....very very good.

Adrine said...

Fussy Mum - I have no choice NOT to feed her well. She's so greedy and will complain if she doesn't get enuf food.

Julie - Yup, she's a cheeky gal alrite!

HFM - For the longest time, hubby and I wanted to name her Kylie Chong. But our parents not keen, but we still liked the name, so we used that as a chinese name instead. And baby C is so lucky to still have your breastmilk.

Lybil /LPM/ Leona/Little Lamb - Thx and yup, she really loves the camera!

AndrewJune - have sent to u

Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh my..your little sweetheart is sooo cute!!!!!