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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Short Holiday - Penang & Ipoh

Just came back from a short holiday in Penang & Ipoh. Main purpose of the trip was to attend a good friend's wedding in Penang. Since we already had to drive up north, hubby and I decided to make it our little family holiday as well, by taking 2 days off from work.

Both of us always have this "happy holiday mood" when we go on holidays together and Elyssa is just like us! When we arrived at the hotel, she was already in that happy mood.

He heee....... just look at these photos taken at the hotel lobby. She ran around with a big grin on her face while waiting for daddy to check in.

Then she enjoyed walking down the hotel corridor :
And exploring the hotel room :

But went all serious when she found the TV !! ;)

*to be continued* Plenty of photos ahead!


Leona said...

Nice big king size bed!

Kristie said...

i love elyssa's smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cubit!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehe :p