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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sweet Moments

*Phoo Phoo......Blow Cobwebs*
Haven't updated this blog for more than 2 weeks already! Various reasons actually. Have been unwell lately. Cough and flu for more than a month :(  So when the kids sleep at night, I tend to doze off as well. And of course, the longer I don't update this blog, the harder it is to "re-start" the engine.
So here's a quickie post to start things off again.
Presenting...... Sweet Elyssa and Erin moments:
Elyssa jie jie carefully feeding Erin
Reading books together at MPH 
Fooling around at home - they love their "same-same" pyjamas!
Sharing a cup of ice-blended coffee
(uhm....or more like trying to drink Daddy's coffee as fast as they can before Daddy wants it back!)
There are plenty more sweet moments between the 2 sisters. Love, love, LOVE moments like these!
But of course, for each of these sweet moments, there are probably 10  times (or 100 times?) of the "unsweet" moments. Ha ha.!  They do fight like cats and dogs A LOT!  Erin is at the stage where she wants everything jie jie has.  And Elyssa is at the stage where she doesn't really want to give in.  So yup, pretty much a standard recipe of lots of crying and wailing on a regular basis  ;-)

Thursday, August 8, 2013


For Erin, the most important alphabet is "T". 
Example -
1. Ah Tong (= Ah Kong)
2. Tie Tie (=Jie Jie)
3. Toup (= Soup)
4. Too Too (=Shoe Shoe)
5. Took (=Good)
Ha ha..... I just love the learning-to-talk phase  :-)
" T's the best!!! "