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Monday, October 31, 2011

4 Months Old

Baby Erin is already 4 months old. How time flies!

About her -

Weight : 5.5kg

1. She smiles A LOT!!! I don't think I've seen such a smiley baby before. Just need to talk to her and she often smiles in return.

2. She's such a good natured baby. My parents often comment that she's relatively easy to look after. No need to carry her that much and she usually only cries when she's sleepy or hungry. Not too difficult to let her sleep (baby Elyssa used to scream the house down!) and once she's asleep the other 4 kids can practically bring the house down but she'll be blissfully in dreamland :)
She's the frequent holder of the "most well-behaved grandchild" award! He hee... a refreshing change from Elyssa who normally holds the award for the other end of the spectrum ;)

3. She drinks 4oz of milk every 3 hours. I'm not producing enough these days, so she gets 1 bottle of formula a day. No problems switching between breastmilk and formula.

4. Potentially another greedy girl! Once, my mum mistakenly told the maid to feed her one hour earlier than normal : Glug, glug, glug - she finished everything.
Another time, I pumped out 5oz and since I didn't have any extra sterilised bottles for storage, I gave the whole amount to her : Again, Glug, glug, glug, she finished everything.

5. She smiles when she wakes up in the morning. A wonderful start to our day!
(Baby Elyssa used to cry if we don't pick her up immediately. Till today, she cries if we don't give her attention the moment she wakes up)

6. Last weekend, our contractor took one look at her and said "Oh, her eyes are droopy. She just woke up issit?" Oh dear! Nope.....she was wide AWAKE at that time. Not the first time we received comments like that either. Erin's eyes are rather small, especially in comparison with Elyssa who has huge and beautiful eyes.

7. She sleeps around 10+pm until around 7am. Wakes up once (occasionally twice) for milk. She doesn't take much though - just suckles for a little while then falls back asleep.
Yay! I normally get a good nights rest!

Wadya looking at?

With Elyssa jie jie

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Selective Reporting

When I picked the girls up from my parent's place last week -

Elyssa : Mummy, Mummy! Koko pushed me today!
Me : Oh, koko pushed you?

Elyssa : Yes! Koko pushed me until I fall down on the grass. Then I cry.
My mum passed by at that time and asked her with a smile: "Why did koko push you? "

Elyssa : (in a softer voice) Because I pushed koko!!

Ahem..... that's what I call "selective reporting"!! She only reported the 2nd part of the story!

Btw, when I asked her why she pushed koko -

Elyssa : Because he was playing and playing with the ball until he was soooo tired. I asked him to rest but he don't want. Just play, play, play. So I pushed him".

Me: ?????????????????????

Monday, October 24, 2011

MV Logos Hope, Port Klang

2 weekends ago, we made a visit to the floating book fair @ MV Logos Hope in Port Klang.

The main intention was for Elyssa to enjoy the experience on board a ship rather than the book fair itself. We already bought more than enough books at the Big Bad Wolf sale! (he he.....for that sale, hubby and I went together once, then after that he went twice by himself and I went once with my colleagues).

Some photos taken that day -

Elyssa with Logos Hope in the background

Queuing up to get onto the ship
Baby Erin must be thinking - "This is boring. Yawn!!" ;)

Shopping Time
The books were surprisingly cheaper than normal bookstores. But of course not as cheap as the Big Bad Wolf sale. We didn't want any books but wanted to buy SOMETHING (after the effort to drive there and queue up!) so we ended up with an inflatable Dora beach ball for Elyssa.

Little Miss Captain

At the small play area

After browsing at the book fair area, we went to the cafe for light refreshments. Elyssa played with some toys at the play area.
There was a lady doing face painting but Elyssa wasn't interested.

With one of the volunteers
She told hubby she was on a 2 year volunteer program with the ship. What a lovely concept! I will love to do something like that (err...ok, ideally one year) if I'm young and single.

Erin and I at the cafe

Bye Bye Ship!!
We didn't stay long cos it was a little warm inside the ship

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Took some photos of my 2 girls before going out last weekend.
Coincidentally, both were wearing pink and white striped outfits :)

Just Elyssa
She looks so prim and proper here!

Elyssa and Erin
Really "tai kar jie" pose with one hand on the armrest and the other holding her baby sis

Hugging mei mei

I love Erin's smile in this photo! session took too long!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mid Autumn Celebration 2011

Here's another "better late than never" post :)

About a month ago, we attended the annual neighbourhood mid autumn party. Last year's party was a great success and we were really looking forward to it.

Last year, hubby's homemade lantern won the "Most Beautiful Lantern" prize. This year, he hoped to win again (or more like he said I WILL win!) and already had an idea about the material and pattern for the lantern. Unfortunately, poor fella fell sick few days before the event. Thus, no homemade lantern for Elyssa. We didn't even have time to buy a new lantern for her, so she made do with last year's lantern. No complaints from the princess though!

Some photos taken that night -

Elyssa and cousin Justin with their lanterns

They joined the procession round the block

Justin met one of his classmates during the walk

Another shot

Forgot to take photos of the food. This year's celebration was a bit more chaotic due to the light rain almost throughout the event. Also, crowd turnout was much larger than expected.

Ah Kong took part in the Tai Chi presentation -

Tai-Chi presentation. Can spot Ah Kong?

"Ah Mah" took part in the fan and line dancing presentation. We missed it cos hubby was feeling feverish and wanted to leave.
Elyssa cried and cried when we left cos she was looking forward to see Ah Mah dance! :(

Well, that's always next year!
And Erin mei-mei will be able to join in the fun. (this round, she was asleep in my sling most of the time)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

She Can Turn!

A slightly backdated post.
Took these photos on Sept 24 when Erin was exactly 3 months old.


Yay!!! Made it!

The day she turned 3 months old, she started turning every time we put her down !
A lot of effort on her part and with plenty of "ugh ugh ugh" sound effect :)

Really true that each kid develops differently. Baby Elyssa could lift up her head rather effortlessly at 3 months old, but it took almost another month before she could turn over.
I knew that timing would be different for different kids, but I was kinda expecting the sequence of milestones to be the same.

Here's Erin trying to lift up her head @ 3 months :

Aaaarghhhhh!!!!! Head too heavy!

Can lift up sliggghtly ;)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Birthday

Early this morning, I had the following conversation with Elyssa -

Elyssa : Mummy, I wake up already!
Me : Good Morning Princess No. 1 ! It's mummy's birthday today.

Elyssa : Mummy's birthday? Elyssa buy you a cake with strawberry ok? And a big, big present. (then she went on and on for the next 5 mins or so about the cake and present)

then - *silence for 5 seconds*

Elyssa : But Mummy, you must give me money. I am a small girl only so I have no money. When you give me money, I go and buy cake and big, big present for you.

Ha ha..... might as well I buy my own cake and present :)