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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2 Years, 3 Months Old

My little princess is now 2 years, 3 months old.

About Elyssa:

1. Weight - approx 13 kg

2. She's still greedy and even likes to take her medicine (syrup type). Best part is that instead of bribing her to take medicine, I can actually bribe her using medicine.

Like when she had a ring worm problem recently, I told her her "if you don't keep your toys, then you can't eat medicine". Ha ha... that made her quickly scramble to keep her toys!! I think she likes the syrup medicine cos it's sweet (I don't normally give her sweets) and it's something she doesn't get to "enjoy" very often. *touchwood*

3. Character wise, she is very strong minded - bossy, determined, fussy & very fixed in her way.
A few scenarios as an eg :
a) When my mum rested on the bed with her hands over her eyes : Elyssa kept saying "not like that, must do like that (asked my mum to put her hands by her side). My mum refused at first, but Elyssa kept pestering. The moment my mum did as "per instructed", Elyssa said "ok" then left the room immediately.
b) When she played with her cousin recently : I couldn't help noticing her take the lead by saying things like "Let's do this", "Let's jump", "Ok, go there now".
c) When she woke in the middle of the night and saw that hubby and I have switched positions : She immediately insisted that "No... mummy sleep here, daddy sleep there". I absolutely refused to give in ! She cried in protest but luckily went back to sleep shortly after.
d) When daddy didn't place his Blackberry at the phone holder in the car : she said "NOOOO, must put there!" When he did, she said "Ok, Correct"
e) When she played jigsaw puzzles with grandpa : She said "Ah Kong, Elyssa do this one, Ah Kong do this one". (pointed to another set). When grandpa teasingly requested to change, she refused and said "No! Elyssa do this one, Ah Kong do this one".
f) When grandma brushed her teeth : She said "Ah Ma, must put teeth together like that. Yes, brush up and down. Yes. Like Elyssa like that".

There's actually loads of other scenarios! The way she says things can be very firm and forceful. *Sigh*. She definitely didn't get this gene from me. Maybe a bit from hubby but a more extreme version.

4. Based on her personality so far, I don't think she will be bullied in school. But there's a possibility that she may end up as the bully!! Oh Uh!! (but who knows.... mebbe she'll be a mouse in school next time. he he.)

5. Although still greedy, her interest in food has dropped a little. Last time, whenever there was any "food announcement", she would just drop what she was doing and run towards the food. These days, she sometimes says "Wait, I want to play first". "Wait, I want to finish this".

6. Since my parents started taking care of baby Jo Ern (her 3 month old cousin), they noticed she has been acting up more. She's probably a little jealous of the baby. Hope this phase will pass soon.

7. It's very easy to make her laugh these days with simple games and actions. I just love the sound of her laughter! Funny thing is that I can repeat a simple thing that made her laugh 10 times and each of the 10 times, she can laugh as excitedly as the first time. he he.

Like last weekend, I played an impromptu "Where's the onion?" game with her in the car while daddy ran some errands. After 10 minutes (of me going : where is the onion? maybe it's under the pillow, maybe it's outside, maybe it's here, maybe it's there, before her final punch line of "It's here") I was starting to get bored, but she still laughed like that :


Mommy to Chumsy said...

love to see her photos :D it's great that she loves eating. wish mine is like elyssa.

MeRy said...

Nice pic...i love her cheeky smile.

Irene said...

onion game?? uooohh.. i'd love to know that game.. haha! She's definitely very strong minded and bossy... haha definitely not you, i didn't know u to be like that... haha! but good lar, she's a natural leader!

Alice Law said...

Goshhh... Elyssa love medicine?!!! That's definitely an amazing news to me, my kids hate it to bits... I always have a hard time to force it into them!

LOL... it's good to be bossy, seem slike he has strong personality! Have a wonderful weekend!

Mummy Gwen said... fast 2 years 3 months old already. So easy to make her take her are lucky lah. Wei..Gwen is only 15 kg ler. O.o

Mummy to QiQi said...

she has indeed grown up a lot. err..if not sick, how to bribe with medicine?

eugene said...

Wish I had daughters. Sigh....

Adrine said...

Barbara - He he, I wish she can "donate" some of her greediness to Ashley! Sometimes the way Elyssa reponds to food reminds me of an undernourished hungry kid.

MeRy - thx!

Irene - ha ha.. the onion game involved 2 onions for RM0.80 that I bought at the market earlier that day. One already in my tummy. Ke ke.. at this stage, no need to buy expensive toys! And yup u know me well... strong minded and bossy are definitely not words to describe me!

Alice - ya loh. this girl is super greedy. When her ring worm infection cleared up, she still insisted she wanted her medicine.

MummyGwen - alamak.. only 3kg apart!

Chin Nee - the medicine I was referring to was a syrup that was suppose to reduce itch caused by ringworm on her skin.

Eugene - doesn't matter la... you have 2 wonderful sons :)

~LiLHypPo's mUMmy~ said...

She's the kind that will infect everyone in a room to be as happy as she is!!

Health Freak Mommy said...

LOL, bribing her with meds??? That's just toooo funny!! Elyssa sounds like a very smart girl :)

leeyen said...

Thanksfor dropping by my blog! I'm so amazed that she can speak so well at this young age!

leeyen said...

Thanksfor dropping by my blog! I'm so amazed that she can speak so well at this young age!