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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Breakfast Time

My mummy and daddy very bad one. They know I love food very much and that I will do anything for food. This morning, they made me push my little stool back & forth while they took turns giving me some "zhang" (chinese dumplings) from their plates.

So much work, but what to do????

Step 1 : Mummy give me one mouthful

Step 2 : I have to push my little stool to daddy's side of the table

Step 3 : Daddy give me another mouthful

Step 4 : Push stool back to Mummy's side of the table

Step 5 : Wait for mummy to give me another mouthful.
Repeat all steps until the "zhang" finish

Mummy's Note: Photos were taken during breakfast this morning. Elyssa already drank her morning milk but was still pestering for our food. I got tired of the "I want some more" request right after each mouthful from my plate, so I had to come up with a "delay tactic".

Ha haa...... the push-stool tactic worked perfectly! She was happy with the little game and I got to eat a few more mouthfuls of my breakfast before the next "I want some more" request. :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Little Monkey

Here are some photos of my little monkey in action!!!
*sigh* So un-girly!

At shopping centre concourse area

Half an hour later at Starbucks

And yes, this bad mummy had to take photos before reprimanding the monkey ;)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Father's Birthday

Just celebrated my father's birthday at Restaurant Extra Super Tanker @ The Club.

Food was good! (And not as expensive as I expected. Will definitely make a return visit) Before the first dish arrived, my sis said that maybe she over-ordered a little and we could just "tapao" any extra food. We laughed at the comment cos we knew that based on our past records, we never had a chance to "tapao" anything.

Let's see, here's what was ordered -
1) Fried Fish in thai-style sauce
2) Crabs cooked in white chinese wine
3) Claypot Stewed Pork
4) Yam cooked with green vege
5) Fried taufu with chilli sauce
6) Special chinese sandwich - with roast duck skin
Duck meat from the same dish
7) Longevity Noodles

True to our record, we finished everything. Actually, I had another good laugh just now cos when I re-read my blog entry about my father's birthday two years ago (Oh my, Elyssa was still so small, chubby and hairless then!), I realised I wrote the same thing about us polishing up all the food :)

Anyway, some photos taken tonight -

The Happy Birthday Boy

Ah Kong with his four grandkids
---- Leaving this empty for now cos I only got one blurry shot. Will pinch from baby Jo Ern's blog later ----

Elyssa with her beloved Ah Kong.
Ha ha.... opening mouth BIG BIG for birthday cake :)

Elyssa & Justin entertaining baby Jo Ern. (or was it the other way round?)

Happy (belated) Birthday Papa! We are all looking forward to many, many, many more birthdays ahead with the whole family!!!! :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Holiday - JB and Melaka

Last weekend, we went for a 4D,3N holiday in JB and Melaka. The JB part was me tagging along hubby's biz trip, while the Melaka part was the actual holiday. What we did:

Day 1 (JB)
- Nothing much as the drive itself was quite long.
- Checked into to The Zone Hotel around 4pm. Did some duty free shopping. (really cheap liquor and chocolates. Clothes and shoes were slightly cheaper too. But not many ppl)
- Wanted to have dinner at a restaurant in the shopping centre. Sat down, wanted to order then was told that the kitchen was closed as they ran out of cooking gas. We were like "what???????" How to run a restaurant like that? Such poor planning! (maybe that explains the quiet shopping mall)
- We ended up with an forgettable meal at Merrybrowns.
- Shopped a little more then walked over to nearby pubs/restaurants. Had supper of pizza, garlic bread and beer. It was sooooo good! Should have eaten there for dinner.

Some photos from Day 1 -

Posing in the hotel room

Pub area of The Zone

Supper Place

It was around 10.30pm and Elyssa was still awake & waiting for pizza in a pub-like establishment.
He hehh.... no wonder she likes holidays so much!

Day 2 (JB and Melaka)
-Hubby went for his morning meeting but it was a holiday for me. Yayyyy!!
- I let Elyssa bathe in the bathtub then had a leisurely complimentary buffet breakfast.
- then went shopping till noon.
- had late lunch with hubby at Starbucks.
- met up with my friend who stays in JB. Yay! "Handed over" Elyssa to hubby then we had our girly time. What did we do? Went to the hairdresser to wash, blow and style our hair! (something I've never done before, unless my intention is to get a haircut. My friend does this twice a week. Wow, what a life!). I opted for curls since my hair is normally straight. Forgot to take photo tho. Duh!
- after that, "collected" Elyssa n hubby then we went to visit my friend's soon to be completed house. Had to keep jaw from dropping. He he.
- then dinner with her family.
- left JB around 10.30pm.
- reached Melaka almost midnight. Checked into Renaissance Hotel and then Zzzzzzzz. (Elyssa already slept in the car)

Photos from Day 2 -

Lunch at Starbucks

Little Monkey in Starbucks

Some of our loot - dresses for Elyssa

New shoes for the 3 of us
(my white Nike was only RM129!)

Day 3 (Melaka)
- Breakfast at nearby coffee shop.
- then went to Mahkota Parade. Walked around a bit then had coffee at Starbucks.
- Took trishaw to Jonker Street.
- Explored the place. Had lunch of chicken rice balls.
- Walked somemore until night time. Tea time (fried rice & ice-cream) at Geographers Cafe.
- After dinner at Jonker Street, we went back to the hotel.
- Was a bit hungry after all the walking so ordered pizza from our favourite Italian restaurant at the hotel. It was so yummy!

Another reason why Elyssa enjoys holidays - she gets to freely fiddle around with things!

Daddy the trishaw man! Little girl not impressed tho. Ha haa...

"Kincir Air" replica

First time she posed for a photo - ie we asked her to stand there by herself and smile

Ha ha.... fake forced smile !

Our yummy, yummy supper - pizza, codfish and beer. :)

Elyssa got to enjoy supper too!

Day 4 (Melaka)
- Woke up, lazed around, ate leftover pizza, watched tv. Elyssa had her bathtub fun again.
- Then went for buffet dim sum brunch at the hotel. It was so good! We always joke that it's "good value for money" when we bring Elyssa out for buffets cos this little girl can eat A LOT !!
- checked out of hotel then drove back to KL.

*End of holiday*
As with any holidays with hubby and the little princess, the days just flew by so fast!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Funny Things

Sometimes, the things that Elyssa says just makes me laugh out loud. Decided to write them down so that I won't forget (and so that I can read and laugh again!)

Scene A
When we were out shopping one day, Elyssa pointed to the clothes on the rack and said:
" That one all also nice. All also FIF-TY PER-CENT"

Ha hahhh....... I don't think she has a clue what "fifty percent" means! But she must have picked this up from the parents who are always looking out for good bargains!!!

Scene B
When we were out for dinner with my friend's 7+ year old cute chatty daughter whom Elyssa just met-

7 year old girl : Today in school, I did *bla bla bla* then *bla bla bla*. And then *bla bla* etc etc.

Elyssa said softly,while nervously digging her belly button :
"Today I Pom Pom" (bathe)

Well, she may be 5 years younger, but she sure doesn't want to be left out from a conversation!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

2 Years, 4 Months old

My little princess is now 2 years, 4 months old.

About her -

Weight : Approx 13.3kg

I can't seem to think of new things regarding Elyssa for this monthly update, so I decided to write about what is STILL the same :)

1. She still digs her belly button when she drinks her milk. I noticed that her belly button is some sort of a comfort item to her. Sometimes when she's upset or when she wakes up in the middle of the night, her fingers automatically goes to her belly button.

2. She still drools!! Her mouth is like a leaky tap. Seems a bit more these days. Within 20 minutes of changing, the top portion of her blouse/t-shirt/dress can be very wet.

3. She is still as bossy/fierce as ever! Hmm.... I can always think of these scenarios at the top of my head. Let's see - just last week, my mum asked Elyssa to "read" to baby Jensen. (actually, she was trying to entertain both kids). Elyssa took the task seriously and started to "read". Baby was quiet for a while then started whining a bit. Elyssa's response? "Jensen! KEEP QUIET. READ BOOK!" She said it in such a fierce tone that even my parents were startled! He he.. if she becomes a teacher next time, the poor students would be very traumatised indeed ;)

4. She's as talkative as ever. It's like her mouth can never stop moving. Sometimes she demands for our response but quite often she just talks and sings to herself.

5. She still kisses me on the mouth at night. The wet sloppy kiss followed by the words "Night Night, Sweet Dreams" always gives me this warm fuzzy feeling :)

6. She is still as stubborn as ever. Just an hour ago, she had one of those moments. She refused to let me wipe her nose. I said if not, then I won't read her bedtime story and won't give her milk. Then I asked her again whether I can wipe her nose. She said "No, I don't want". Ok, told her no Goldilocks, no milk. She said "But I want Goldilocks, I want nen nen". So again I said wipe nose? Response again "No, I don't want". This went on for about 15 minutes or so until I threatened to throw away her milk and book. Then only she relented. *sigh*, takes a lot of patience and persistence to deal with this girl sometimes!

7. She still sleeps between hubby and I. We managed to "kick her out" early this year but then went back to square one after our February holiday to Bandung. Since then, we made a few unsuccessful attempts at getting her to sleep on her own bed. Perhaps a little half hearted cos by now, hubby and I are so used to having her next to us.

8. Last but not least, she is still my darling little princess. I love it when she sings :
You are my sunshine, My only sunshine.
You make me happy when *
mumble* *mumble*.
You never know Dear, how much I love you.
*mumble* *mumble* sunshine away.
(she either inserts her own words or mumbles the part where she doesn't know the lyrics).

Anyway, I love it when she sings it cos SHE is my little sunshine :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

You and Me

The concept of "you" and "me" can be confusing for a child. Like recently:

Elyssa : Afterwards, mummy read to YOU ok?
Me : Should say read to ME.
Elyssa : Ok. Afterwards, mummy read to ME.
Me : *smile*

Then, after her bedtime story:

Me : Good night my little princess. I love YOU.
Elyssa : Good night! I love ME !!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Bad Memory??

*Sigh*..... here's a snippet of the conversation we had after dinner just now, when we ate some "ang koo's" from a full moon pack.

Elyssa : I want to eat that one.
Me : Ok, this is called ang koo.
Elyssa : Ra Kun! (dunno where she got that from)
Me : No, it's called Ang Koo. Say Ang Koo.
Elyssa : Ang Koo.
Me : Clever girl. Now, what do you want to eat?
Elyssa : Ra Kun!
Me : Err... no. It's called Ang Koo.... Ang Koo, Ang Koo (x 10 times in an animated tone while she chuckled away).
Elyssa : *giggles* Ang Koo. Ang Koo. Ang Koo.
Me : So, you want to eat this? What is it called?
Elyssa : Yes! *think a bit*. then quietly.......Ra Kun !
Me : No Ra Kun here. Ok, mummy will eat this.
Elyssa : No...... I want.
Me : Ok, then what is this thing called?
Elyssa : *think again* I don't know. then....... Ra Kun! (faint!)

??????? Somehow my heart fell!

Is her memory really that bad? Why can't she "delete" the word "Ra Kun" from her mind? Why can't she remember a simple word like "Ang Koo"? I don't think she was being cheeky cos while I asked the questions, I continued eating the ang koo. She's such a greedy girl that I know she would have stopped me if she could.

The conversation went on for about 10 minutes or so. She could repeat after me when I said "ang koo" but a few moments later , she would respond with "Ra kun" again. Why oh Why??? I couldn't help thinking how she can survive in a Chinese medium school where there is a lot of memorizing. Will she struggle badly? My parents have commented before that her memory is not as good as her cousin's, but I never really thought much about it.

Or am I being too paranoid?? After all, she's not even 2 and a half years old yet!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

3 Little Apples

I pinched this photo (and the title of this post) from my sis-in-law's facebook.

He hehh....not easy to get all 3 girls to pose for the camera! I just love this photo of Elyssa with her cousins - Chloe and Charmaine jie jie.

I think Elyssa is a real lucky kid. On weekdays she has cousin Justin koko to play with (plus 2 baby cousins to disturb) and on Saturday afternoons she has these 2 jie jies as her playmates :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cooking for Bear Bear

Bear-Bear, what do you want to eat?

Leng Ngau soup? Ok, I cook for you
(must cook with one-leg-up, Ah Pek style)

Finish cooking already. Can eat now

Nice or not? Let me feed you

What do you mean you don't like???? I will FORCE FEED you if I have to!!!!