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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Making Ah Mah's Birthday Cake

Elyssa couldn't wait to get started when I asked her whether she wanted to help me bake Ah Mah's birthday cake.  

Helping to Dry Cake Tins with Paper Towels
Whisking Egg Yolk with Sugar
Isn't the mini apron super cute?? RM4.90 from the 100 yen shop :-)

Sifting Flour into Egg Yolk Mixture
Whisking Flour into Egg Yolk Mixture
That was the end of the "disturbing",  oops, I meant "helping" part.  :)
I continued the rest of the cake making process myself after that.  
Ta Daaa....... The Final Cake  
Best looking cake from my kitchen so far. Yay!!! 
 The icing turned out pretty expensive though, as I destroyed not one but TWO boxes of whipping cream. (about RM7.00 each). I watched in dismay when I didn't get the fluffy whipped cream texture I was expecting, but a curdled mess from the first packet. Googled and one of the advice given was the start whisking at low speed first.  Didn't work either. Second packet produced the same curdled mess.  :(
I had to wait for the shops to open to buy a third packet. This time, I placed the entire whisking bowl and whisk into the freezer and used Anchor brand. (the same I used for Erin's cake last time). Phew, I did a little dance of joy when it worked!  So happy that I didn't have to resort to Plan B, which was to buy a cake from Secret Recipe to bring to my mum's birthday lunch.
The birthday lunch was at Dynasty Dragon. Pretty good!  We gave tick marks it terms of food quality, service, price, environment, restaurant location and ease of parking.
Pinched this photo from my sis's blog -

At the Birthday lunch
Mama & Papa with Grandkids # 1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6. 
Ke ke.....none of the grandkids smiling for the camera.
#6 wants to sleep. #5 wants to get down. #4 looking a bit blur. #3 and #2 not looking at camera. #1 looking at camera but not smiling.
With six small kids, we've give up hope of the perfect shot. he he.
Inside View of Cake
3 layers of Sponge Cake sandwiched with 2 layers of Longan & Strawberry Jelly  
Looks messy here cos I didn't hold the cake properly during the car journey to the restaurant. When I peeped into the cake box halfway there, I was sad to see the cake plastered to the side of the cake box! *sob*
 Close up view 
I normally prefer rich butter cakes, but this combination of light sponge with jelly was just nice for a cake to be eaten after a full meal.
 Happy Birthday Mama!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Disastrous Photo Shoot!

When Elyssa turned one, we brought her for a professional photo shoot.  Loved the photos!
We wanted to do the same for Erin. Though when we finally brought her, she was already one year and 2 months old. (We were busy. Poor Erin......second child syndrome). 
The photo session failed!  She happily played with the props but the moment she saw the photographer, she clung to me. When I tried to free myself, she CRIED.  :(
Anyway, photographer kindly said that it happens with small kids. So we rescheduled a second appointment. (err....3 weeks later, cos we went to Aussie during that time.)  This time, I made sure I did all the "right things"  - she had her porridge, she had her long nap and when we went to the shop, we let her play happily with the props before the photographer came to the room.
BUT, we still got this -
Wahhhhh!!!!!! I  NO  LIKE !!!
Why can't we get happy photos like this?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Elyssa's FIRST Concert

 I cringed when Elyssa told me that her concert costume was "Green".  Followed by the words "Bright Green" and "Shiny,Shiny one!!". And she said her teacher was going to give them green long socks.   Yikes!!!  What were the organizers thinking?

With that in mind, the costume was still somehow better than expected  :-)

Anyway, I knew they were practising for the concert for weeks and weeks! Most of the time, she won't tell me the steps but there was one day when she relented. I smiled to myself when she showed me the steps, complete with the count, and who stands where and who says what.  Oh yeah, I heard her mutter once in during her afternoon nap too : "1,2,3,4"  "5,6,7,8".  So, she practised in her sleep too!!

The BIG day finally arrived......

Elyssa in her "green, shiny-shiny costume"
And with make-up! I put on light make up for her, but as expected, the teachers "painted" more.

Woo hoo.......good job Elyssa!  She didn't smile at all but she remembered all the steps.

Photo taken after the concert
She refused to let me hold her sausage bun!
Note : Sometimes, I think she likes school activities bcos they alwiz get sausage buns after that. She went on her second school trip recently, and when I asked about the trip, one of the things she said was "we got sausage bun!".  LOL.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Craft Work with Elyssa - No. 4

Here's the Cardboard Butterfly we did this morning!

Craft No. 4 - Toilet Roll & Cardboard Butterfly

She wanted photos with her previous craft work too.
He this rate, photo taking will take longer and longer each time :-)

The downside??  This afternoon, she played and played with the butterfly (letting it "fly" around the whole house). The moment she put it down, Erin wanted to play too.........and then both girls started fighting over it. Adoi.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Gangnam Style!

I gotta admit that I was never a big fan of the "Gangnam Style" craze.

But I'm now a convert!  The last item on the agenda of the neighbourhood lantern festival event was a "Gangnam Style" dance. My mum was part of the group. (dunno why...but the thought of my mum practising the steps was enough to make me giggle. he he). On that night, the crowd was invited to join in.

I asked Elyssa whether she wanted to join and she said yes. I told her to look for Ah Mah amongst those standing at the centre area. She couldn't find Ah Mah but found herself a spot next to other kids.

Dancing Away!

Once it ended, the dancers were so hyped up that when the MC asked for another round, they happily obliged with a SECOND round. Once that ended, the MC asked for a THIRD round. The adults said Nooooo! but the kids said Yessss!!!!   So, there was Round 3.

Elyssa during Round 3
Can see Ah Mah? (blue shirt next to Elyssa, showing her the steps)

Pity my camera ran out of memory space that time. I wish I could have taken a video to capure the dance moves, the loud music, the cheers and the energy! Photos a bit blur cos they were moving so much.

It was such a thrill to see a big group of people from small kids to senior citizens dancing together like that.  Especially with my mum and my girl in that group.  Way to go Ma Ma, Way to go Elyssa!!!  :-)