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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013

I was initially thinking of skipping a post on CNY 2013 since I didn't take many photos. But finally decided to just post whatever I have  :)
Note to self  :   1) Take more photos next time   2) Take photos of Elyssa & Erin with their angpows or some other things that signify CNY.
So, a quick rundown of CNY 2013:  
BBQ with my in-laws at our home the day before CNY eve
Yummy garlic prawns!
CNY eve lunch at my MIL's place
Totally didn't take a single photo. Aiks.
CNY eve dinner at my parents place
Lou-Sang time!!
Kids enjoying my mum's homemade yee sang.(err... actually in Elyssa's case, she only liked the biscuits in the yee sang)  

Went "kai-kai" in shopping mall a few times
I still get the warm fuzzy feeling when I see the girls walking hand-in-hand like that.  
I cooked a meal for lunch with some friends
No big deal for some, but for me, it WAS!  First time I cooked a proper sit-down meal like that. Pretty happy and proud of myself. Haha. 
Brought both girls to the playground 2 days in a row
Made a few half-hearted attempts to take photos of 2 smiling girls
I gave up! Erin was trying to push jie jie away in the photo.
Went for neighbourhood CNY celebration
I knew they were going to distribute angpows but I expected RM2 in each. Was pleasantly surprised there was RM5 inside. Yay!! Our family unit pocketed 4 angpows - 2 each for the kids, 1 for me (for wearing red) and 1 for hubby (who blur-blur went to take although he didn't qualify for the categories announced for the leftover angpows - senior citizens, white hair and those wearing red). He he he.. 
So free food, free performance and RM20. Not bad!   
Gong Xi Fa Cai 2013!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Reason for Walking

These days, I like to take a walk around the neighbourhood after dinner.  Trying hard to reach the recommended 10,000 steps a day. ( I normally don't reach the target, but I do make an effort to walk as much as possible)
Elyssa sometimes follows, sometimes doesn't. And of course, she likes to ask Why mummy wants to walk.  Sometimes I tell her "because mummy fat-fat already. so need to walk".
Then last weekend, hubby and I brought the kids for some playground time. While the kids were playing, I decided to take our dog for a walk. As I was approaching the playground from my first round, Elyssa shouted out really loudly with both hands by the side of her mouth:
"MUMMY, it's ok!!  You can go for another round.  Because YOU ARE SO FAT!!!   ok mummy? YOU ARE FAT, SO GO AND WALK ANOTHER ROUND".
Aiks!!!  Really didn't know where to look.  There were other people in the playground too.  *hide face*.  Oh, and when I shook my head (trying to tell her not to say anymore), she thought I didn't hear so she shouted her remarks AGAIN.   ;-) 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Uggh Uggh Uggh

Little Miss Uggh Uggh Uggh
"What's the problem, folks??  Life is a lot simpler when it's mono-syllabic! ;-)
Erin is a pretty late talker. At 1 year, 7 months old, her main form of communciation is still "Uggh Uggh Ugg".  Luckily, she can say  "Up Down".  That's about the only thing she can say clearly.  (in the correct context and usually with a big smile!). 
And a few more unclear words :  "Duck",   "Ish" (for fish),  "Ma/ Mah"  (but not in the context of food or calling anyone).
She just doesn't seem to be interested in talking. When I tell her, "say Mah Mee", she happily points to me and says "Ughh Ughh", proud that she knows who "Mah Mee" is.  So I tried with "say Dah dee" instead.  Then she says "Ughh Ughh" and points to whichever direction she thinks daddy is.  Oops!  
My dad has also been dilligently trying to get her to repeat words after him daily. No success yet.  She mainly goes "Uggh Uggh Uggh" and points to whatever object she is referring to or pulls our hand to wherever she wants to go.  
Ah well..... at least she can say "Up Down" clearly so I am not particularly worried.  I like the way hubby puts it though - the longer Erin takes to talk, the longer she is still officially our little baby.  Awwww !!!  :-)