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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hello and Bye-Bye Routine

Everyday, Elyssa goes through the same Hello and Bye-Bye Routine with her "friends".

In the morning, just before leaving the house to go to "Ah Mah/ Ah Kong's" house, she says :

Bye Bye EeYore !
Bye Bye Rabbit !
Bye Bye Winnie the Pooh !
Bye Bye Xiao Ting Tang !
Bye Bye Tigger !
Bye Bye Piglet !
Bye Bye Annabelle ! (not in the pic above. She took her doll to sleep with her the night I took the pic)

And when she comes home at night, she says :
Hello EeYore !
Hello Rabbit !
Hello Winnie the Pooh !
Hello Xiao Ting Tang !
Hello Tigger !
Hello Annabelle !
Hello Piglet !

He heee.... kinda cute EXCEPT when I'm already late for work in the morning. Just imagine this scene - me getting ready and dashing out the front door like a mad woman, asking her to quickly wear her shoes and then she goes : "Oh, forgot to say bye bye" and then starts "Bye Bye EeYore, Bye Bye Rabbit, Bye Bye........." one-by-one ;)

Photo of her saying bye bye in the morning :


Inspired Momx1 said...

He will soon learn the "short cut". My boy, first started greeting everyone "sik fan" during mealtime and now he just says, dai ga (everyone) sik fan!;)

MeRy said...

So cute..

Mommy to Chumsy said...

kakakakkakkaka...she's so cute! better not buy her anymore soft toys. if will be adding them to her list of goodbyes :D

Kristie said...

hahahah so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

elyssa is sure one affectionate child :)

Jayden loves Eeyore, Pooh Bear and Tigger too! :)

2ma said...

so cute!!!

Leona said...

Elyssa... you made me laugh so early in the morning... thanks!

Stacy said...

You know, I used to say goodnight to each of my toys every night. And I would kiss each and every one too. And I had quite a number of toys coz the routine included some not-so-nice small plastic animals. Hehe... maybe I can teach Elyssa to add a kiss after the 'Hello' and 'Bye-bye'... *evil grin*

Mummy Gwen said...

Awww...she is so cute!

LittleLamb said...

i understand what u mean when you said u r already late for work!!! for Philip...when wearing socks/shoes . he suddenly asks for MILK, n purposely drag time :(

anyway i dont allow eating/drinking in car ..

prince n princess mum said...

hello... bye bye :)
hahahahah.. so cute!

Adrine said...

InspiredMom - he he... your boy is smart!

Mery / Jasmine / Prince n princess mum - thx :)

Barbara - exactly what I told hubby! but he bought another soft toy when he came back from SG last week. so that's gonna add about 5 seconds to this daily routine!

Kristie - he he.. same Winnie the Pooh gang!

Leona - glad to know that :)

Rachel - that's a good rule to have! I alwiz have to brush off crumbs from her car seat. Not so hygenic eh?