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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Backside Stories

*blow cobwebs* 

One whole month with no updates! longest MIA to-date since I started this blog 6 years ago. . Have been super busy with 2 business trips to Bangkok.  And for the one week gap between the 2 trips, hubby got hospitalised for dengue! Luckily he's ok now.

Better write down these "Backside Stories" before I forget  :-)

Erin’s Backside Story
These days, Erin has a bad habit of holding her pee for too long. And at the last moment, she does a funny wiggle while declaring “pee pee want tome (come) out” !!!  

The lead time between that declaration and when the pee comes out is really very short. There were a couple of pee incidents and her response- 
Erin  [in a sad voice, complete with sad pout] : My back chide yaugthy today. (my backside naughty today)
On another day :
Erin : My back chide yaugthy again. I want to CHANGE back chide.

LOL!  I just couldn't help laughing!  


Elyssa’s Backside Story
Out of the blue, we had this conversation -
Elyssa :  mummy, I see your backside before.
Me : nod head

Elyssa : has daddy seen your backside?
Me :  ( thinking how to answer).  Err….yes

Elyssa :  HARRRRR ?????  (while laughing out loudly)  Daddy see your backside before??  Naughty daddy!!!  Boys cannot see girls backside!
Unless they are kids.  Daddy can see my backside cos I’m still a kid.  But you are not a kid.  Naugthy daddy!
No backside photos, but here's a recent photo. (side track a bit : I love the way they have their arms around each other)