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Sunday, July 31, 2016


I just came back from a 9 day trip to Taiwan.  (mainly for a work conference, but I extended a bit for some sightseeing/shopping)

Bought 3 gifts each for the girls - a doggie pencil case, peppa pig toy and peppa pig bagpack.

I asked Elyssa which was her favourite.  And her reply?
"My favourite present is mummy came home".

Awwww........ my heart m-e-l-t-e-d ! 

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Belgian Waffle Maker

*blow cobwebs again*

Oh dear, collecting cobwebs here again. I've been sucked in and nearly drowned in work for the past few months. When I took on my new job few months back, I knew it was going to be a stretch, but I guess I underestimated how MUCH of a stretch it will be!  Kinda reminds me of that Coldplay song sometimes "Nobody said it was easy, no one ever it would be this hard"!!!

Constant struggle but I'm learning and doing things I've never done before. I'm a believer of "what doesn't break you makes you stronger".  I've definitely grown stronger in the past 7 months and will need to be even stronger in the coming ones.

Despite the busy-ness, I still managed to add on to my ever growing list of kitchen appliances.  Latest addition is my waffle maker.  hehe.  Got it for less than RM 40 from Lazada  ;-)  

Elyssa having the maiden waffle.  Sprinkled with icing sugar and topped with apple slices. 
Used recipe that came with the waffle maker.  Really good but a bit troublesome since need to separately beat the egg whites to meringue first. 

Tried another recipe the following day.  This one is a keeper!!

Much easier.  But need to prepare in advance to let the yeast work its magic.
Love the result tho - Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.  Perfect!

Used my latest toy 3 times so far.  Better not abandon it in case hubby complains about all my kitchen toys again  ;-) 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Playing Dress Up

Girls will be girls..... they just love playing dress ups!

Last weekend, I had a Korean Princess and American Princess (Cinderella) in the the house.  :-)

Erin insisted on a Hair Bun and Ribbon 

Korean dress - from Elyssa's 6yo kindy concert.
Cinderella dress - birthday dress I got for Elyssa's 7yo birthday. 
Other dresses they have - Rapunzel (for Erin's 5yo birthday), Anna and Elsa dress. 

They can play for hours in their princess dresses!  Princess tea parties and what not. 

The dresses were bought for specific occasions and are not exactly comfortable, so I'm glad they wear them multiple times :-) 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Concert - Round 2

After the inaugural concert few months back, the kids staged another concert recently.  Some pics:

Elyssa as the emcee 

Hoola Hoop act by Justin 

Singing and dancing act by Erin 

Ooops... cut short because Ah Kong came out with Potato Chips!!!  ;-) 

I like these concerts! 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Mismatch Day in Kindy

Erin's kindy had a "mismatch day" theme recently.

This is what she wore that day -

Jie Jie's old school concert outfit + Pyjamas Pants + Colourful Necklace + Santa Hat.  Very mismatch indeed!  She was super pleased with her outfit  :-) 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Bits and Bobs

Had these photos in my draft, so might as well just post them.  Pretty outdated though!  Hehe.

Homemade Tong Yuen during the Winter Solstice Festival 

Puppet Stage made by Elyssa
She made it all by herself.  I was really impressed! 
But barely an hour after this photo was taken, Elyssa was tears.  Cos little Erin saw it, got jealous and tore the box apart!!! (aaarghhh!) 
The next day, Elyssa made an improved stage with curtains that could be opened and closed by pulling a string at the back. 

Food for our Christmas potluck party 
I baked cupcakes, made a simple Christmas log and cooked pork rendang. 

Simple pleasures in life -  Mamak breakfast! 

Carousel Ride at a shopping mall 

My planned "peaceful coffee break" at one of my favourite cafes
Didn't go as planned though. It was peaceful for all of 10 minutes but then they were both in an argumentative mood and started squabbling soon after.  Aargh!

Girls were playing upstairs then Erin came downstairs announcing she was "pregnant"!  (she stuffed her baby bear up her shirt. hehe) 

Ok, that's all.  Really a rojak post today!

Sunday, March 6, 2016


Few months ago, reached my parent's house for our weekly "family makan" and the kids were excitedly standing by the door telling me about their concert.  I went...... huh?? what concert?

And someone passed me this Concert List.

Concert List 
Wah, not bad eh??  Got Program somemore! Everyone told me to quickly eat cos concert was to start at 8.30pm. See..... even starting time was stated on the list. 

Puppet Show time
Title was "Goldilocks and the 3 Bears". We sat there for a while waiting for the show to start then only realised it ALREADY started cos the puppets were actually being moved IN the blocks.  Wuahahaha. 

Singing Song time

Final Bow! 

My parents said they spent their afternoon practising for the concert.  Actual execution wasn't so smooth but just love, love, love the concept!!