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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Went to 1U with the girls yesterday and the parking fee was RM2.  I inserted a RM 10 note into the machine and then the coins started clanking down. 50 cent coins so sixteen coins in total.  The girls were THRILLED !!!   And the coins were brand new, gold coloured coins too.

Elyssa :  Wahhhh!!!!!!   so many coins!!!
Erin  (jumped up and down, then exclaimed )  :   Mummy....... you're RICH !!! 

Hahaha......if only it's so easy to get rich!  ;-)

You def make my life richer, Erin !

Monday, July 13, 2015

Daisy the Cow

During breakfast last Sunday, we chatted about various things and then somehow the conversation went to milk.

Elyssa : I love to drink milk.  Erin, do you remember we milked the cow when we went to Australia last time?

Erin : Yea!  Daisy the Cow! I pu (ll) pu (ll) pu(ll) and then the milk come out
    (while demonstrating the milking procedure)

suddenly, she had a worried look on her face:
    "Mummy, the milk is Daisy's pee pee????" 

Wuahahahahaha!!!!  Can't blame her for thinking like that! 

Picture of Erin milking Daisy
Milk = Cow's Pee?   Hahahah

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Elyssa's 7th Birthday

Aiks, almost 3 months late.  Here are some photos taken during Elyssa's 7th Birthday Party at home...

Elyssa in her Cinderella dress 

Four of us 

All ready to sing Happy Birthday

With some of her cousins and friends

The cake I baked for her - Chocolate Cake with Swiss Meringue Buttercream 

Blowing bubbles after food 
 I completely forgot to take food photos! All purchased food tho, as my maid was on her 3 week holiday.  We ordered assam laksa (star dish of the night!) and kuih from hubby's colleague, fried noodles with various dishes from a nearby Chinese restaurant and satay from a nearby stall. 

Couldn't resist taking this photo - Erin was so excited about her jie jie's birthday party that she didn't nap the whole day.  She fell asleep a few minutes before the first guest arrived!!   I woke her up just before cake cutting. Last thing I wanted was for her to wake up after all the guests leave and then ask "When is the party going to start??"  haha.

Unwrapping pressies after the party

Happy 7th birthday my princess Elyssa!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Party Packs - Elyssa's 6th Birthday

After posting about the party packs for Elyssa's 7th birthday, I found an unfinished post (photos only) about party packs for her 6th birthday.  So decided to just finish it up and post it :-) 

Party Tags  
I spent quite a bit of time on her party packs last year. Cos I tot it would be the last year since it was her last year at kindy.  But I ended up still making packs for her 7th birthday for the home celebration.  Couldn't take the "party pack withdrawal syndrome!"  hehe. 

Personalised tags  for all her classmates 
(but names blocked out here)

Party Pack stuff 
Had a few versions 

She loves this yearly affair

Almost ready! 

Hmmm..... will there still be party packs for Elyssa's 8th birthday??  Let's see! 

Party Packs - Elyssa's 7th Birthday

Part of party fun - preparing party packs!

First time we did party packs for home celebration tho. Before this it was for her kindy friends only.

Party Pack stuff 

Always happy to help to pack 

Pink for girls, beige for boys :-) 

Cinderella tags 

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Yippppeeeeeee...... completed my favourite dress to-date!

WIP photos

Ta Daaaa!!!! 
Did this dress in record time which is 4 days (not full time la) over the long labour day weekend.

 Back view of dress.
Haha.... Erin started posing

My last 2 major projects were these:

Dress for Erin
This dress took me slightly over 2 months!  Took me two weeks to finish 80% of the dress, then stopped for weeks and weeks, then just one last weekend to complete the final 20%.  Busy, busy, plus I tend to have this habit of losing interest in a project halfway.... aiks.  (hence I gave myself the 4 day timeline for the pink dress above. hehe)

Oh, I picked up crocheting as well.  Did my very first scarf project :-)   Took about 2 months as well.

So many things I wanna sew. So many things I wanna bake. So many things I wanna do!! 
If only there are more hours in a day!  :-)

Monday, June 8, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

We had a belated Mother's Day dinner for our mum recently. Belated by almost one month actually  ;-)   Dinner was at Awet Thai in Ara Damansara.

Here are some food photos, pinched from my sis's blog -

Grilled Cockles, Mieng kam, Baked Crabs and Baked Prawns
Funny thing about the mieng kam -When the plate arrived, my dad said : "What is that? I've never had that before.  And my mum said : "Oh, I love this! I've eaten that quite a few times already". And they were both surprised how come the other person tried/ haven't tried the dish before.  Wuakakaka!

Sizzling pork, Paku salad, Grilled wings and Tom Yum Soup

Food was yummy!  And I've discovered a great way of having photos without having to stop greedily shoving food into my mouth - just hiss at someone else to take photo. Whee he hee.  All food photos were shamelessly pinched from my sis's blog.  ;-)

After dinner, we tried to take grandparents with grandkids photos....

Erin went to happily sit on Ah Mah's lap
At that point, I tot we may be able to replicate the grandkid #1,#2 etc photos taken last time

But uhm.... no, they started playing hide and sick with the camera. (should have taken a photo of that. heh)

Anyway, only managed to get a few decent photos -

With 4 grandkids
See how Erin has her arms tightly around Jensen??  Adoi. 
Will write more about that next time.   

Best photo we managed. Minus one grandkid and plus one adult  ;-)

Kids playing "London Bridge" after dinner-

The little boy from the next table kept staring at them and after a while, he came to play as well.  He was at a family dinner too, but he was the only kid among all the adults. Really grateful that my 2 girls have so many cousins to play with :-)

Looks like we'll add Awet Thai to our list of acceptable venues for family ocassions.  Oh, my brother and I went for the Great Eastern 12km run the next morning.  Note to self - do not have spicy Thai dinner before a run :-0
Happy Mother's / Grandmother's Day!