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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Erin's 4th Birthday

Erin is now FOUR! 
Had 2 birthday celebrations for her - one at home and another one in school.
This is a super late post tho. The celebrations were 2months+ ago  ;-)

Photos from the birthday celebration


Balloon bearers
SIL and her god sis. Love this pic!

Balloons give out such happy postive party vibes

Part of the Food Spread
Mostly bought (I only baked cupcakes and Erin's birthday cake). We ordered assam laksa again. 
This time not as good as during Elyssa's birthday tho. Mebbe cos it was puasa month and the Malay cook couldn't taste her own cooking?

No photos of party guests eating food cos I was also busy eating  ;-)

After dinner photos:-

Lollipop discussion on the staircase
Such a cute photo!

Playing bubbles in the garden

Birthday Song and Cake Time

The cake I made for her - she requested for a Pink Princess Cake
I was planning to buy an edible icing sheet with princess design (about RM 11). Then saw these little princess figurines (around RM 26 for 8). Turned out to be a good move cos she likes to play with these little dolls till today.

Inside view - Light Sponge Cake layered with Pink Jelly pieces and Frosted with Lemon flavoured Whipped Cream.

The 4 of us

Then they played somemore

Opening up presents
Happy 4th Birthday my baby Princess!  We all love you the moon and back.  :-)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tech-Free Weekends

These days, we make try not to switch on the tv or give the girls Ipad when we're home during weekends. And the outcome has really surprised us!  They really know how to find things to occupy themselves.

Some snapshots from the past few weekends :

Jumping over cushions

Uhm... colouring without hands


Building Blocks

Blowing Bubbles

Colouring (with hands this time!)

Building a Princess Tent
How do I know it's a princess tent?  See next pic..

See?  There's a "Princess Tent" sign!   

Looks like entry to the tent is by exclusive invitation only. 
These 2 princesses had to make do with a book  ;-)


The 2 sisters can play together for a really long time! My condition to them is that they must keep everything after playing, which they do.  
Love this tech-free activities!


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Papa's Birthday

Celebrated Papa's 73rd birthday last Sunday!

We went to the new Dynasty Dragon in Atria.  Food and service was not good....dun think will make a return visit.  I guess it didn't help that I arrived at the restaurant late, tired, flustered and hungry.
Woke up 6am that morning , drove to a park and did a non stop 10km run (yay!) with some friends then rushed home to decorate the cake.  Good sort of tired I suppose!  
The flustered part was cos hubby told me LAST minute that I had to drive too cos he had to rush back after lunch. Driving there was ok due to Waze, but after parking, I spent a good 20 minutes walking around the mall (including long wait for the lifts) looking for the restaurant while carrying the heavy cake and with Erin and maid in tow.  Grrr!
And super late cos I tot lunch was at 1pm instead of 12.30pm. 
Long grandmother story. haha.

Sis said luckily Papa chose dim sum instead of a course meal cos I would have arrived after the 3rd course or something!

After lunch, it was time for the birthday cake and song..

Papa and Mama -with grandkiddos #1 to #7
Love all these grandparents and grandkids photos!  Keep forgetting to take photos of the generation in between tho. Hehe.

Close up of the birthday cake - Moist Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache

Happy Birthday to my dear Papa!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Weekend activity - Chalk Drawing

The girls did some Chalk Drawing activity recently :-

Looks like an Octopus!

The girls enjoyed the activity..... but did it pass their Mummy's Checklist?
Expensive?  No!  RM 0.60 for a small box of chalks
Difficult Pre-Preparation?  No!  I just had to drive my car out of the driveway.  :-)
Difficult Post Clean-Up?   No! I gave them some toilet paper. Showed them how to moisten the paper then wipe out the chalk marks.
Involves Electronic Equipment like Ipad or TV ?   No!!  Triple points for that!!  

Beneficial?   Yes!  Let's see - they are not cooped-up indoors, they get a huge "canvas" to draw (good for imagination), they get to improve their motor and drawing skills etc.
Yup, definitely passed Mummy's Checklist, with distinction somemore!  
They spent almost an hour playing, until I told them it was time to stop cos it was getting dark. Gonna let them play again this weekend  :-)  

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Potato Chips

When Ah Kong has Potato Chips............

All the kids run to him like little mice running to the Pied Piper :-)

1,2,3,4,5,6,7 - Yup, all 7 kids spotted in the 2 photos. Not a single mice could resist the power of potato chips! 

Friday, July 31, 2015

Visit to Durian Plantation

We made it to my uncle's plantation in Bentong last weekend. After discussing for months and months, we almost didnt make it again. But long story cut short, the trip was confirmed less than 24 hours before departure - can make it? yes/ no?  yes?  Ok, ON!

When we FINALLY reached the plantation...

Baskets and Baskets of Durians
Whooo hoooooo!!!!!!!!!! 

Time to Dig In

There were soooooooooo  good!!!
Thick, creamy, yummy goodness!  Sweet, but with undertones of bitterness.  Purrrrrrfecct !

Me and my Papa  :-)

 Just look at what we polished.  Hehe

 After gorging on those beauties, we took some photos 

Photo from my sis - I laughed when I saw it. 
My brother and I pretending to be durian experts!   Lol.  
After stuffing ourselves, we walked to his fish ponds nearby.
Elyssa throwing fish food into the pond.

More fish food throwing by the kids

Just lovely

Walking back from the fish pond
We were really lucky. Despite it being a super hot day, the sun hid itself when we were are the fish pond area  :-)

And even after eating so much durians there, my uncles packed a LOT for us to bring back. Appox 4 durians into 1 huge container. We brought home 4 of these huge containers.  Yumz!


Such a lovely trip out!  But oh.... so terrible on the waistline. I was super careful with my food intake for the next few days. And then on Weds, my mum took out the frozen durians from the tapao stash.  Goshhh, eating them cold was good too!  (tho we all concluded nothing beats fresh durian right from the shell, in the plantation itself).  I gorged down 7 bijis.  There goes my diet again. 
Need to go the gym after work.   But was it all worth it?????   Definitely!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Went to 1U with the girls yesterday and the parking fee was RM2.  I inserted a RM 10 note into the machine and then the coins started clanking down. 50 cent coins so sixteen coins in total.  The girls were THRILLED !!!   And the coins were brand new, gold coloured coins too.

Elyssa :  Wahhhh!!!!!!   so many coins!!!
Erin  (jumped up and down, then exclaimed )  :   Mummy....... you're RICH !!! 

Hahaha......if only it's so easy to get rich!  ;-)

You def make my life richer, Erin !