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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Hotel Stripes, KL

Went for a short staycation recently at Hotel Stripes, KL.
Short one night stay but it's a welcome change from the normal routine.

Hotel Room 

Love the pool !

Stunning view of KL tower 

Chilling by the poolside 

Night time drinks @ Man Tao rooftop bar 
Now that the kids are bigger, we can leave them at the hotel room short periods of time :-) 

I was thrilled when I realised the famous Yut Kee Restaurant was just down the road from the hotel. Woke up at 7am to avoid the queue.  
Definitely over-ordered. Burp!  Took away whole buttercake, swissroll and some extra noodles for lunch too 

Another round of swimming before checking out 


A relaxing staycation weekend indeed.  And we're back home in less than an hour. 

Milo Family Run 2019

Found some old pics so decided to do a short post today.

I was excited when I signed up for the 2019 Milo Family Run. Our 3rd Milo run!  Unfortunately, it rained and rained that morning  :-( 

Waiting for the rain to stop

Such a wet morning 
After waiting for almost 2 hours, rain turned into a drizzle.  Some started walking with umbrellas. 
We walked a bit then opted to turn back.  Cos Elyssa had her gymastics classes later that morning and she didn't want to miss that. 

Still got our cold Milo ! 

And still got our family photo :-) 

Well, life doesn't always go as planned.... but well, that's life ! 
At that time, was thinking nevermind la, we'll go for Milo Run 2020 but Covid wrecked havoc to that. Maybe next year then.

Found this picture too.
Must have been the time my helper went home for her holidays.  Erin was always more than eager to help out with the laundry  :-) 


Sunday, September 6, 2020

Erin's Eye Procedure

Erin has been having a small growth at her eye lid, kind of like a skin tag or a pimple.  I was hoping that it would just fall off on its own. Unfortunately it didn't........ and it got a little bigger and it started to irritate her. Brought her to normal GP hoping the doctor can just prick at the thing. But the doctor said it was too close to the eye and he wrote a referral letter to the hospital instead.

    Sigh, so off we went to an eye specialist.

Getting her height measurement first

Eye specialist said it was simple procedure but again, due to its location, she suggested doing a light GA (general anesthesia) for her. Unless I was confident that Erin won't move during the procedure. Sigh.  At least a half day at hospital daycare just for a procedure that takes less than 15 minutes!  Plus a much heftier hospital bill. 

Told the doctor I needed some thing to talk to Erin.  Had a conversation with Erin and she finally agreed to do it with just local anesthesia. Well, she also negotiated for one day without school, ice cream and a helium balloon.  Hehe. 

During the Procedure 
I definitely cringed!  Especially when I saw the cotton wool with blood.  Erin was a such brave trooper throughout. 
Dr injected the area, then used a blade to cut off the growth, used forceps to ensure all removed then another equipment to cauterize it. 

All done ! 

Claimed her ice-cream reward.
2 scoops for her, 1 scoop for her jie jie. 

Well done, brave little Erin ! 

Bill came up to RM 1,600 for the procedure. Jeez.... for 10 minutes. My medical coverage is no longer as good as before.  Hopefully can claim this amount via insurance.  Fingers crossed. 

Sunday, July 26, 2020


Completed my latest crochet project !

Meet Marshmallow, the giant pink cat. Big and very huggable  :-)

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Working From Home

Working from home has it benefits (no need to wake up early. Yay! no traffic jams. Yay!  wearing  comfy home clothes. Yay!)  BUT comes with it's share of distractions too. 

Took these photos while I was in a middle of a work call  ;-)   Erin came into the room I working in, saying she wanted to play dress up.  When I told her she needed to be quiet, she started playing the character of a silent spy.  Lol

The little silent spy.  Ya, totally blending in. 

Finished my call and asked her to smile for the camera :-) 

Gonna miss this work from home phase! 

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Crochet Squares

I started a new crochet project during this MCO - granny squares. 

Supposed to be easy but I really struggled with it. Was super confused with the corners! Watched and rewatched multiple utube tutorials. Kept doing it wrong. Or got it right, and then got confused again at the next round. It was frustrating! Elyssa saw me struggling with it and she started to watch tutorials as well. 

After a day of struggling, we both finally got it!  

Try, Try, Try 
I love her persistence :-)

Once we get the hang of it, it's pretty easy. It's so nice to see our lil pile of colourful crochet squares getting higher. 

So therapeutic..
One thing I've always loved about crochet is being able to bring it anywhere. And crocheting squares is easier than amigurumi since there's no counting involved. 

On a random weeknight
Elyssa and I crocheting while watching tv. Erin hasn't picked this up yet, maybe one day.   

Long way to go since we need PLENTY of squares to make a blanket. But no big hurry and we'll just enjoy the process of getting it done. 

Monday, May 25, 2020

Second post for 2020

Read my old entries in this blog.... and I enjoyed it! Some parts I have totally forgotten, mostly I remember but I know I probably would have forgotten if I haven't written it down in the first place.

So with a bottle of Somersby cider next to me and the girls watching tv downstairs, just thought it will be a good time to write a post.

Hmmm.... what shall I write about?  It has been such a looong time. No point trying to fill in all the lost time, so I'll just start with the here and now.  Here and Now is really during unprecedented times. Covid has just wrecked havoc to all the "normals".  All new plans and standard routines just flew out the window this year. Turned completely upside down.

Despite all the negatives, I'm grateful for the positives as well.

Hubby and I still have our jobs.
Being able to spend more time at home together.
No more being treated like unpaid Grab drivers, ferrying the girls for their activities over the         weekend!  Particularly hate waiting in the hot sun for their gymnastics session that forever runs late. (but the times we purposely went late, it ended on time.  Aarrgh!)
Girls have gone closer with each other.  Yes, they still bicker like no tomorrow sometimes, but overall the sisterly bonding has been amazing.  Love, love to see them playing together.

Was looking in my phone for photos of the girls, and I realise I don't have that many these days. That's one of the reasons why it's good to update the blog regularly. There's the added incentive to take more photos!  Anyway found these 2 which are a good reflection of the MCO period anyway.

Elyssa eating my orange chiffon cake.  
Yup, I've been baking a lot! Cakes, scones, tarts, bread etc. So much so that Elyssa asked me to slow down cos she said she didn't know which item to eat first. Lol.  And definitely bad for the waistline.

Erin plucking taugeh tails
Joined the "grow taugeh at home" bandwagon.  Done it 3 times so far. For someone with totally un-green fingers, being able to grow something is totally satisfying! 

Yay..... completed my first post in a long time.  Feels good  :-)