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Friday, August 8, 2008

Bed Hogger

"Mine, all mine...... and ok, for mummy since gives me my milkie at night"

Here's a photo of my little bed hogger - small person, but big space!

I've previously tried to put her to sleep in her own baby cot, but failed miserably. The few nights I tried, she woke up around 3am then refused to sleep again, despite all the patting/singing/ water/ pacifier/milk attempts. Ended up with a frustrated baby and an exhausted mummy. :(

I've been advised that if I want the baby to sleep in her own cot, I should do so before she's 6 months. Otherwise the baby will get too reliant on having mummy's scent and warmth when she sleeps. Guess I should try again soon, and to get ready for a panda-eyed me!


Johnny said...

Baby Elyssa is such a bed hogger, daddy needs to get out of her way and sleep on the floor! Hope she learns to sleep on her baby cot soon


Irene Yew said...

make sure bb cot is cooling and dun cover the mosq netting lar.. u can tell if she's comfy or not when u pick her up, if she's sweating, or feels hot. give a little dim light if u dun already hv. of course the occassional pampering on sleeping with daddy mummy is good and most importantly u rest well too.