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Friday, August 29, 2008


I was home early from work yesterday, and as usual headed to my parents place. The house was quiet and the maid said "Elyssa go out" when she saw me. (wow, first time I heard a complete sentence from her)

So off I went to the nearest playground. Not there. Hmm.... went to playground No.2. Scanned the main play area but didn't see any familiar faces. I was about to head for another playground when I saw them at a distance, walking away from me - Justin walking with his right hand holding "ah ma"s hand and baby Elyssa in "ah kong"s arms. They didn't see me and as I got closer, I heard Justin chattering away with "ah ma" and "ah kong" responding in animated tones and Elyssa smiling away.

Such a simple but sweet scene. I thanked my lucky stars for the hundredth time that Elyssa is in such good hands when I'm at work.


Sue said...

So sweet.

Grandparents are grandchildren are such a good match... mostly :P

Big Pumpkin said...

You are very, very is most comforting when you can work in peace whilst baby is cared for.

Fussy mum said...

that's right, you are so lucky to have your parents to care for baby while you are at work.