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Friday, August 15, 2008

About Elyssa

I realise that I haven't really written much about Elyssa's personality, so here goes-

1) She's a very responsive baby - When people talk to her, she'll just smile and smile. She'll "talk back" and will often give little shrieks of excitement. I just love having "conversations" with her! When she's very happy, she'll even chuckle out loud.

2) She hates to be left alone - She's really happy when someone talks to her, but the moment the person walks away, she'll cry out in protest.

3) She loves to be kissed on the cheeks. She'll give the most adorable look.

4) She can get really ANGRY. I think this little one has a temper. When she's sleepy or if we're slow in getting her milk, she can scream. And I mean, really scream.

5) She doesn't like to go to sleep.

That's all I can think of for now. But whatever the personality, she'll always be our little precious :)

1 comment:

Wonderful Life said...

Aiyoo... Elyssa so cute!! I feel wanna pinch her cheeks la!!