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Friday, August 15, 2008


Sleepy day today.
I'm already quite used to Elyssa waking up at night. The routine is for me to turn to nurse her then partially fall back asleep. This normally happens a few times a night, from 3am onwards. Last night, it was only after a few rounds of wake up-turn-fall back asleep (with some very strange dreams in between) that my groggy mind realised that something was not right. I finally got up, touched her bottom and realised that it was all wet. *Sigh* Time check - 4.30am. Had to drag myself out of bed with a trobbing head to get new diaper and clothes. Hubby woke up in the process and helped. (altho he already spent 2 hours drying the kitchen floor and cabinet earlier - cos kitchen got flooded after he left the water filter running for almost an hour. )

Elyssa got wide awake during the diaper change though. She kept on smiling and babbling away. Took a loong time of nursing and patting before she finally went back to sleep. Didn't check the clock this time.

So hubby and I are both sleepy heads today. ZZzzzzz...........
Luckily it's Friday.

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